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Do you offer your services a la carte?

Yes. You can sign on for ExperienceConnect, our premier transactional customer service survey process, or your can hire us to create a strategic plan, or perform market research. You can also “bundle” services depending on your needs. For example, clients use ServiceConnect, or you can hire us to create a strategic plan or perform market research.

Do you conduct surveys by phone or email?

Both. The majority of our B2B clients have us conduct customer surveys by phone as they don’t have email addresses for many of their customers. All employee engagement surveys are done via email.

Do we get to listen in on the calls you make on our behalf?

All customer survey calls are recorded and then added to our secure web-based portal, ExperienceConnect. You can listen to all calls and hear exactly what your customers say about you in real-time. Based on this information, you can use LinkConnect to create workflows to resolve any customer service issues, monitor which customers are Promoters and which are passive, and view KPIs, to list a few things.

Do you work with us to help us understand the data we see in ExperienceConnect?

Yes. We become your partner. Your success is our highest priority. If you have a question about your program, the data you’re seeing or the survey responses, simply pick up the phone and call us. (It’s why we list our phone numbers on our bio pages.)

If I sign on for one service, such as Employee Feedback, how easy is it to add another?

Very easy! All three services are integrated into LinkConnect. Once you give the word, we “flip the switch” and your new service is now active. You pay for only what you need.

Is the ExperienceConnect portal easy to use?

Yes. Anyone in your organization can use it. And, it syncs with whichever CRM you’re using (as long as your application has an API). You can view your data from our secure client login or through your own CRM. Because it’s cloud-based, you don’t have to download anything. We manage the entire backend and make continual refinements based on customer and employee feedback.

Is ExperienceConnect secure?

Yes, very secure. We adhere to all standard protocols for password protection and strength. We also control all levels of the data process and make sure no one can see anyone else’s information. We have set permissions for the user level to make sure people in your organization see only the information that pertains to their specific area.

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