Over the years, engineering and design capabilities have improved throughout the world. This progress has caused competition between industrial equipment creators to become more aggressive. The need to become more creative in differentiation between organizations has become more prominent.

Countries from around the globe are now producing high quality, competitive products. Rather than focusing solely on product innovation to generate distinctiveness, business leaders have begun to pay more attention to improving customer experience (CX) as a critical differentiating factor in Industrial Equipment.

The Daniel Group can help your business implement, or improve, an ideal customer experience program. Our ExperienceConnect application creates a customer experience program while being cognizant of the needs of your business.

Many companies saw up to a 50% reduction in the cost of serving customers, all thanks to acting on customer feedback.

Why CX Matters to the Industrial Equipment Industry

Customer expectations in the industrial equipment industry are changing.

Quality, innovation, and price are obvious factors in business success. Yet, customers want more. Customers are looking to be charmed by great customer experience in addition to high quality, innovative products at a competitive price.

A 2018 survey done by McKinsey illustrates the truth in these claims. A thousand decision makers at B2B companies found that delayed responses from suppliers proved to be a primary pain point. Twice as many decision makers were concerned about timely communication from suppliers than about product price. McKinsey further notes that improving operational performance, such as by enhancing responsiveness to customers, has considerably increased customer satisfaction.

An increase in customer satisfaction leads to a reduction in churn by as much as 15%. Companies that choose to improve their interactions based on customer feedback are up to 40% more likely to succeed in winning bids. Additionally, to the credit of acting on customer feedback, numerous companies report up to a 50% reduction in the cost of serving customers. These figures further illustrate the success of exemplary customer experience programs.

What The Daniel Group Has to Offer Industrial Equipment Companies

Whether you’re launching a new customer experience program or need help reviving a stagnant one, you want to turn to a company that has years of experience and expertise in the field. The Daniel Group has three decades of experience working with B2B companies crafting customer feedback and survey programs. We’re ready to help your company initiate the perfect customer experience program.

Industrial Equipment Customer Experience: The Daniel Group only works with B2B companies and has three decades of experience crafting customer feedback and survey programs

The wisest decision you can make for your business is to partner with The Daniel Group. The Daniel Group has been helping industrial equipment companies manage, decipher important survey data, and improve customer experience and customer satisfaction since 2005.

Extensive Knowledge of the Industrial Equipment Market

The Daniel Group has been focused on helping B2B companies improve their customer experience for the past 30 years. We work with clients who provide business and technology services, manufacturers and value-added distributors. Our B2B clients provide services to sectors ranging from agriculture to energy and from transportation to construction. Working strictly with B2B clients, The Daniel Group has developed the skill of recognizing particular business needs of customers, as well as becoming comfortable with effectively interacting with customers in any business setting.

The Daniel Group serves a multitude of clients, including: 75% of the Caterpillar dealers in North America, AGCO, and Navistar, among other OEMS. Our experience with serving B2B industries has fine-tuned our skills in focusing on manufacturers, that specialize in business and technology, transportation and logistics, and industrial equipment. With our knowledge in these specialties, The Daniel Group has been able to develop and operate effective customer feedback solutions for our partners.

Custom, High-Quality Feedback from multiple channels

Effective manufacturing customer surveys require customization for your individualized business needs. The Daniel Group can design feedback surveys in the form of phone, email, or in a hybrid feedback approach. We design programs that work.

Industrial Equipment Customer Experience: Whether it is a phone, email, or hybrid feedback collection approach, we design a program that works for your company

Additionally, employee surveys are offered to companies in order to encourage employee engagement. It is widely known that engaged employees provide exceptional customer service. Employee surveys allow businesses to gain insight into what their team members are thinking and feeling, which illustrate the best ways to improve employee involvement within their prospective companies.

Behind every survey created by The Daniel Group is a team of educated and highly trained individuals, including Client Success Managers and analysts. Our team works hard to ensure the highest quality program for your business. For example, more than 60 analysts study data collected by phone interviews to create phone surveys, which are overseen by Client Success Managers.

The goal of The Daniel Group is to use data gathered from customer surveys to design an ideal customer experience for your clients. The Daniel Group’s combination of industry knowledge, actionable insights, an experienced team, and a focus on the best practices allow us to provide the most outstanding service possible for our clients.

Actionable Insights: Data You Can Use

Conducting surveys and performing interviews are the tip of the iceberg when it comes to designing a customer experience program. Gathering information is not helpful if you do not know what to do with it. Our analysts ask important questions to dig deeper into why customers answer questions in the way they do, and ultimately provide businesses with actionable insights.

The Daniel Group seeks to discover the “why” behind the customer’s experience feedback. We ask respondents to provide a numerical rating on a scale of 1 to 10. Next, deep questions are prompted. Customers are asked, from their perspective, what went well during their most recent transaction. Customers are questioned about response time and their satisfaction with how their concerns were addressed.

During each survey, our analysts categorize customers’ comments, which helps companies quickly see what is positively impacting business outcomes and where there is room for improvement. Some of the categories our team are likely to use include:

  • Ease of contact
  • Knowledge and professionalism
  • Responsiveness of your company

Industrial Equipment Customer Experience: Once completed, the survey information is provided immediately to your front-line managers.

Knowing exactly where there is room for growth and improvement allows businesses to focus on these areas. Making changes to operations based on customer feedback proves to them that they are valued. Customers that feel respected by companies will develop a sense of loyalty to the relationship. This sense of loyalty increases the likelihood of customers making referrals to business associates and colleagues on behalf of the company that shows they value their customers.

How Do You Know If It Is Time to Consider ExperienceConnect?

ExperienceConnect is The Daniel Group’s customer experience management platform. It’s a secure, cloud-based robust feedback-as-a-service platform. ExperienceConnect provides a complete view of our clients’ organizations, particularly progress with customer experience. The platform incorporates two of The Daniel Group’s primary services:

  • Customer feedback
  • Employee feedback

There are multiple benefits to using ExperienceConnect that can help you determine if the software platform is the right choice for your industrial equipment company.

Using ExperienceConnect can illuminate your customer’s thoughts and feelings. ExperienceConnect provides information on how particular services are viewed in the eyes of consumers.

If your business is not getting results from your current feedback and survey program, it can be helpful to try something new.
Features and benefits of ExperienceConnect include:


  • ExperienceConnect is meant to be tailored to your company’s specific needs and to your current budget.
  • Start with one level of service and scale up when needed.
  • Use your brand’s logo with the platform.
  • Survey type and frequency can be adjusted as needed.

Integrates with your CRM:

  • ExperienceConnect can connect with pretty much any customer relationship management program, including:
  • SalesForce
  • ACT
  • SAP

Microsoft Dynamics

  • Robust Reporting:
  • Data can be downloaded to Excel
  • Allows you to track KPIs or improvements based on location.

Real-time access to survey data:

  • Listen to the surveys our analysts conducted with your customers and read their feedback.
  • Respond directly to concerns and issues brought up in the surveys.

Relationship surveys:

  • The platform offers a “big picture approach” to get a sense of customers’ impressions over multiple interactions.
  • Evaluate the strength of your company’s relationships with individual clients.

If you’re looking for a way to set your company apart from others in your industry, using a dedicated customer experience platform can help. You can track your results and see improvement in real-time so you can stay on target when it comes to reaching your customer satisfaction and customer experience goals.

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