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Trish Reed, VP Zero Emissions, Navistar, discusses how CX is not about the score, or about managing performance of a dealer. “CX is about us learning together, this is a journey, focusing on the human element of things, and helping our dealers improve interacting with customers.”

Carter Machinery

Bryan Gregory, Leader, Customer Experience, discusses how they are making CX a cornerstone of the culture at Carter Machinery.

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But I think getting back to the challenges first internally, we didn’t have much of a challenge internally to get it stood up. I think when people know it’s the right thing to do, people buy in and move forward. So I think everyone understood the importance of getting a CX process stood up here, and we all thought it was really great with the bus dealer network and the bus industry to start with and really thought, “Hey, that’d be the first step. Let’s learn from there, and then we’d move it over into the international brand and the truck dealers. So I think that was probably the easiest thing to do. From the dealer standpoint, having those dealers from the vision committee be very committed to it and be the advocates within our dealer channel made that relatively easy to get the dealers to buy in.

Trish Reed, Navistar

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So as we understand the context of what the customer’s giving us, we can make that fit in a very small digestible way back to a store manager at the front line. And then, and when, you know, you think about how shop supervisors are using good job reports in their morning meetings, you know, letting their technicians know here’s what the customer just said about Larry. They loved him, Larry Good job.

All of a sudden it gets real in that moment. And that that affords you then the opportunity when you’ve got not so good news to share, everybody responds equally, equally passionately because they understand it’s fair.

Bryan Gregory, Carter Machinery


Edward Craner, SVP of Strategy and Marketing, HOLT CAT, shares how they have transformed their company with feedback over the past 13 years.

Thomas Built Buses

Lynn Daniel, Founder and CEO, of The Daniel Group, interviewed Paul Start, Market Growth Development Manager at Thomas Built Buses, to learn how they use customer feedback to improve their business.

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To take that feedback and say, “Wow, maybe we believe in our own press a little too much. And we need to understand why it is that maybe we have some of these gaps in expectations from our customers.” We always talk about the what and the how. What we do is fantastic. We’ve got some of the best trained technicians and parts personnel out there. Our managers care deeply. We have a set of values that we live by where ethical and a caring attitude are at the top of them. And yet, somehow that wasn’t translating consistently to all of our customer base.

Edward Craner, HOLT CAT

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“Yes, just in general, when we first started, I think everybody thought we were on a witch hunt. And it’s not. It’s the positive information that you get. In some cases, we’ve had dealers come back and say, “I didn’t even realize myself how valuable it was or how strong my relationship was with that customer. And I’m not going to take it for granted.”

But they also give you their telling points of what’s important to them. So those are the most important takeaways for us.”

Paul Start, Thomas Built Buses

Butler Ag Equipment

Lynn Daniel, CEO, The Daniel Group, interviews Jodi Phillips, Marketing Manager, Butler Ag Equipment. They discuss how customer experience has taken more of a front seat with Butler.

Altec Industries, Inc.

Mike Kedanis, Director of Quality, Altec Industries, Inc., shares how they respond to their customers’ friction points so much faster.

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“So I think really what we are seeing happening is that with our overall company focus on the healthy side of our organization, when you look at customer experience, it’s about feelings, it’s about emotions and it’s about feelings, not about scores. So while those feelings drive those scores, both sides of our industry, feelings and what people used to refer to as fluffy, weren’t necessarily talked about openly. So when we started getting a heavier focus on that as an organization with our employees and knowing that our customers’ emotions drive, that that is one of the things that on the ag side of the business, anyone who knows farmers or who grew up around farmers, are amazingly emotional, like everyone else, emotional people they are. And that emotion drives their business day in and day out.”

Jodi Phillips, Butler Ag Equipment

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“The most important thing is just how we can respond to our customer’s friction points so much faster. We’ve learned things about our licensing and titling, that how we can make it easier for our customers to get the paperwork done, that they need to, to get their trucks on the road. While we’ve done a survey before, with another company, the data that we’re getting has allowed us to compare performance between locations, and not just the number of responses that we’re getting from each location, but also the NPS score for each location and help drive performance.

Mike Kedanis, Altec Industries

Nebraska Machinery Company

Kirk Kaiser, Director of Sales Effectiveness, NMC, discusses some lessons learned in his CX experience.

Joy, Research Analyst

Joy, long-time Research Analyst at The Daniel Group, discusses the power of conversation and how The Daniel Group surveys invite engagement.

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“The other thing, I think Customer Feedback needs to be very aligned with the mission and the vision of the dealership. I think that’s very, very important as we work to create it as a part of the culture at NMC and how we approach things and what we do. And that voice of customer, lastly, is paramount. And whatever we can do to capture more of that. Again, your team does a great job of asking those good questions and then capturing those critical insights around that voice of customer, is going to keep us moving on the right track moving forward.”

Kirk Kaiser, NMC

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Yes, over the years, I have learned the power of a conversation. Almost daily customers will relay details that go far beyond that 1 to 10 scale. Our conversational surveys invite that kind of engagement so that customers know that they are heard and then our clients get to hear what their customers are saying. As a research analyst, I also enjoy working remotely. It allows me to have that work life balance, where I can do a job daily that I enjoy as a research analyst and then transition of course, to meet the needs of my family and pursue other interests like serving my community.

Joy, The Daniel Group

Stephanie, Research Analyst

Lynn Daniel, Founder and CEO, of The Daniel Group interviews Stephanie, Research Analyst. She shares how she’s learned just how important customers feel about having a personal relationship with businesses through her phone interviews.

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