At The Daniel Group, we always start with your outcomes in mind. So when we’re dealing with a new client, we say, “What do you want to have from the result of the work that we do for you?” That could be our CX improvement programs, our market research, or sometimes the employee engagement side of what we do, but we always start with the outcomes in mind. If we can get those outcomes clear and work with the client so they are on board, the process will be much easier and more effective for the client and us.

Lynn Daniel, Founder and CEO

What sets the Daniel Group apart from other providers who can help you with customer experience improvement is that there are a lot of software companies out there and many software solutions. There are many consulting firms. We’re a partner, so we have a software platform. We also have a support system around you based on the team that we engage with when you come on board and do business with us. We’re a full CX partner, guide your program, help you set it up, and help you get the most out of the software.

Doug Fowler, President and COO

For the past 35 years, we’ve been helping B2B companies measure, manage, and improve their customer and employee experiences.

We do this by providing ongoing, actionable customer and employee feedback using short surveys that feed into our software-as-a-service platform, accompanied by program assistance, market research, and CX Training for Frontline Manager, Program Leaders, and Executives.

Who we work with

Our clients include manufacturers, value-added distributors, and service companies across a variety of sectors such as transportation, construction, energy, agriculture, and industrial equipment, including:

AGCO, Altec, Empire Cat, Equipment Depot, HOLT CAT, Thomas Built Buses, and Wiese

They rely on us to provide insights into all phases of their customers’ experience from initial purchase through product use and support. We give them an actionable view on what customers think and feel about their products and the support that is provided.

Since great customer experiences start with engaged employees, we gather feedback from employees ranging from their initial hire and onboarding experiences, through ongoing engagement and exit interviews.

Let’s talk about creating great experiences:

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