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CX Frontline Training: Are You Improving Your CX With Training?

Learning the technical skills needed for your job is important. So are those so-called “soft skills.” The way you communicate with customers over the phone and in person. Too often, short shrift is given to this type of training, yet is essential for at least three reasons:

Our research shows that effective communication often distinguishes between a great and a not-so-good customer experience.

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What's on Your Marketing Agenda? How Can Better CX Help Marketing?
What’s on Your Marketing Agenda? How Can Better CX Help Marketing?

Making your marketing dollars more effective is on everyone’s marketing agenda. One way to make your marketing efforts more effective (and stretch the budget) is to improve CX. However, doing so is a challenging task. There are so many areas of the customer journey that may need attention.

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THANK YOU for your continued loyalty and faith in us in 2022!

From everyone at The Daniel Group, we’d like to say THANK YOU for your continued loyalty and faith in us. It’s been an absolute pleasure working with all of you this year! We hope to make 2023 even better!

One major highlight from 2022 was our client conference with Fred Reichheld as our keynote and special presenters:

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Is your CX program just running in the background? It shouldn't be!

Is your CX program just running in the background? It shouldn’t be!

Your CX program isn’t something you can just “turn on” and forget. Too often, managers tend to “set and forget” their CX programs. It is as if collecting feedback is their CX program.

Collecting feedback is only part of an effective CX program. Translating the feedback into action and change is even more critical. It is more critical for many reasons, but the impact on sales is an important one to keep in mind.

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Is Improving Your CX Part of Your Marketing Plan? It must be in 2023!
Is Improving Your CX Part of Your Marketing Plan? It must be in 2023!
As you begin thinking about how to make your company grow in 2023, improving your CX should be a cornerstone of your marketing plan. Why? Customers that have great experiences with their providers are very valuable. They spend more! They keep coming back! They are more profitable! In what other ways are these customers valuable to you and critical to your market work? Here are a few:

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Grow your Business Exponentially by Improving your Customer Experience!

Welcome to the May 2022 edition of Success Strategies. This edition continues our focus on growing your best in the best way, with excellent customer experience as the essential building block.  In my recent blog, Great Customer Experiences: The Key to Business Growth, I discuss the connection between great CX and business growth.  Great CX is fundamental to profitable business growth.  If customers like the service you provide, they will tell others.  When they tell others, your customer acquisition costs go down.  I suspect that those “referred” customers are likely to be the ones that your company can serve better.  

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For Referral Marketing to Succeed, you need Excellent CX First!

This edition of Success Strategies focuses on growing your business through referral marketing with the foundation of excellent Customer Experience. Growing your business through referrals is a sound and sustaining way to expand. Moreover, it is “good” earned revenue.

You need to clearly understand how significant customer experience is to sales and marketing. Did you know that 25% of B2B buyers rely on the experience of others? Your clients are talking about you, and you want to make sure what they are saying is good.

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Is Your Customer Feedback Program Really Making Your Company Better?

Customer feedback is a critical aspect of making your company better. Allowing customers to provide feedback on your products, services, and transactions helps you improve in the long term and increase customer loyalty. But some things can compromise the quality of your customer feedback program.

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Ready to Take Your Business to the Next Level? Focus on Customer Experience!

The start of a new year is the perfect time to focus on Customer Experience. Regardless of what type of B2B business you are in, your company changed in the last two years. For example, face masks, strict hygiene protocols, remote work, more digital meetings, digital orders, etc.  Your customers have changed too. Their expectations are different now.

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The Great Resignation doesn’t have to happen at your company!

We’ve all heard about or experienced “The Great Resignation” with employees leaving en mass. Are you experiencing this at your company? Are you finding it challenging to hire? I recently found an article in Harvard Business Review, 5 Reasons Not to Quit Your Job (Yet), and that got me thinking about what other things employers could do to keep their employees. At The Daniel Group, one of our core services is Employee Feedback and helping our B2B clients improve employee engagement. So let’s start with a refresher…

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Phone? Web? Email? Text? What's the Best Way to Get Feedback? Customer Feedback Success Strategies

Phone? Web? Email? Text? What’s the Best Way to Get Feedback?

What’s the best way to get feedback? Is it phone, web, email, or text? Well, unfortunately, there is no one correct answer. It depends on multiple factors, from the complexity of the transaction to your customers’ preferences. Remember, for deep analysis, there is no substitute for talking to your customers one at a time.  In my recent blog, “As Covid continues, CX Approaches to Gathering Feedback Need to Expand,” I outline in detail which method works best depending on the situation.  Regardless of the best way to get feedback, it would help if you considered these things:

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Customer Feedback Success Strategies

Excellent B2B Customer Feedback surveys must start with thinking about what you really want to find out from your customers; i.e., begin with the end in mind. Ultimately, a successful survey allows the customer to tell you how they really feel and think about you. It’s so much more than numbers and scales. In this edition of Success Strategies, we will focus on helping you improve your CX program with practical tips, an introduction to our  CX Maturity Assessment, some interesting CX articles, and an excerpt my recent blog, What are the Best Practices for Customer Feedback Analytics Tools?

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Your customers will pay more for better customer experience! Customer Feedback Success Strategies

Yes, your customers will be pay up to 55% more for better Customer Experience (Defaqto Research). Let’s talk about how price fits into the whole Customer Experience equation. In my recent blog, “Customer Experience and Price: Is Price Really That Important to Customers?” the answer my surprise you. Customers want to be treated well first and foremost. I found a few other interesting facts about price and better customer experience: Is you customer more likely to leave you because of price or poor customer experience? They are 4 times more likely to leave you for a competitor over a bad experience than price (Bain and Company)

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Ready to Expand your business with Customer Experience Consistency? Customer Feedback Success Strategies

Customer Experience Consistency is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out. Name one fast-food restaurant that provides a consistent, superior customer experience. Chick-fil-A is the first one that comes to my mind. Without fail, regardless of where I am, and I travel often, I know that if I stop there, I will receive a smile and hear, “My pleasure.” What would your customers say about what they expect from your organization? Hopefully, your survey data shows consistent positive comments. If not, you have some work to do.

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Want your Customer Feedback scores to go up by 6 points? Customer Feedback Success Strategies


Want your Customer Feedback scores to go up by 6 points?  We’ve learned through our extensive research that this is just what happens when “Communication” is mentioned as something that went well! On the flipside, if “Communication” is mentioned as something that needs improvement, your score may take a 40 point dip. I recently interviewed Paul Start, Market Growth Development Manager, Thomas Built Buses. In the interview, Paul reminds us that “Communication has to be proactive. Anytime a customer reaches out, it is usually a “fail” on our part.” Communication has to be proactive to be effective.

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