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In this video, Mike Kedanis, Director of Quality, Altec Industries, Inc., shares how they respond to their customers’ friction points so much faster with Lynn Daniel, CEO, The Daniel Group.

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Lynn Daniel (00:09):

This is Lynn Daniel, with The Daniel group. I am here today with Mike Kedanis of Altec. Altec is a producer of products and services for the electric utility, telecommunications, pre-care and a variety of other industries. They’re based in Alabama, but Mike is located in Indianapolis. So Mike, welcome, thanks for joining me this morning.

Mike Kedanis (00:36):

Thanks a lot, Lynn.

Lynn Daniel (00:38):

I want to just start off with, get right into it with a few questions and one, you’ve been a client with us since the early part of this year. What are some of the most important things you’ve learned so far about improving CX or customer experience?

Mike Kedanis (00:55):

Boy, the most important thing is just how we can respond to our customer’s friction points so much faster. We’ve learned things about our licensing and titling, that how we can make it easier for our customers to get the paperwork done, that they need to, to get their trucks on the road. While we’ve done a survey before, with another company, the data that we’re getting has allowed us to compare performance between locations, and not just the number of responses that we’re getting from each location, but also the NPS score for each location and help drive performance.

Lynn Daniel (01:36):

When you talk about doing the comparison from location to location, how have the people on the frontline responded when you shared that information with them?

Mike Kedanis (01:49):

Everybody is very competitive in a positive way, so they’re wanting to dig in, and see the information, and understand what it is that they can do better. So it’s really promoting them to go into the website, and having that data immediately accessible to everybody, so that they can dig in and say, hey, what can I do better to help improve our Net Promoter Score?

Lynn Daniel (02:15):

Based on this, well, I looked at it, it looks like your people are fairly active in the website. That’s always a good sign. We’ve learned over the years that the more people that use it, the better the client is likely to perform.

Mike Kedanis (02:28):


Lynn Daniel (02:30):

Just think about it for a second, and it may be a little early in your process, but what changes, if any, have you made so far as a result of the input you’ve gotten from your customers?

Mike Kedanis (02:44):

Well, the first thing is just with the immediate access to the customer responses, we’re sharing all of the data. With our old platform, where we got a consolidated report at the end of the month, we just shared where our opportunities were to improve. With the Daniel’s group information being readily available there on the website, we’re sharing both the good, and the opportunities to improve, and getting a lot of positive feedback from the team on that. They love getting the good results and sharing it with the rest of the folks in the plant. They use it during their communication meetings, to let them know what we’re doing right, so that they can repeat that. We’re doing a much better job of digging deeper into customers’ issues, and responding immediately to their concerns and resolving those to improve their customer satisfaction. And then, we’ve started discussing how we can improve some of the things that we do, like finding a hole in our processes on chassis recalls, to make sure that they’re resolved before we ship them to our customers.

Lynn Daniel (03:54):

Interesting. I think one of the things we’ve learned over the years is that we don’t often share enough of the good things that do happen, and customers do have positive things to say. And one, to your point, we’ve seen that folks really like to hear what customers say, especially when it’s positive.

Mike Kedanis (04:16):

Yes, absolutely.

Lynn Daniel (04:17):

One last thing to talk about. Thinking about your customers and the ones that you’ve gotten feedback from so far, what’s the most important thing that you think customers want from their Altec experience?

Mike Kedanis (04:37):

Well, when it comes to the surveys, they really want to know that they’ve been heard, and so I personally call customers that have identified areas of opportunity for us to improve, and let them know, hey, we have heard what they said, we are making strides to improve those experiences. We’re also trying to figure out how can we communicate to all of the customers that are responding to our survey, to let them know, we are hearing what they’re saying, and we’re taking specific action to improve their experience with Altec.

Lynn Daniel (05:14):

Well, Mike, thanks a lot. I really appreciate your time and your thoughts today, and we look forward to continuing to work with you and others at Altec. Thanks, Mike.

Mike Kedanis (05:24):

Absolutely, Lynn.



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