Time to integrate your CX, CI, and Employee Engagement Programs

How are your CI (Continuous Improvement), Customer Experience (CX), and Employee Engagement (EE) programs stacking up? We often forget that these three programs must be integrated for success.

In my recent blog, Transform Continuous Improvement for Experiences Customers Love; I share a success story of one of our clients and how they integrate CX, CI, and EE. One of the takeaways of this story is that employee engagement makes all the difference
There are countless benefits to your company’s success when you improve Employee Engagement. The exponential benefits impact both Customer Experience and Continuous Improvement. A cornerstone of Employee Engagement is empowering employees. Are you allowing employees to “own” their work? In “What are the Benefits of Employee Empowerment,” the advantages of empowered employees are discussed in detail as outlined below.

Back to my recent blog, our client achieved all these benefits in a very short period of time. Another article, , reminds us,

If you empower people to make decisions, including the redesign of their work processes, they don’t have to wait for a seminar to implement their ideas for improvements.

What have you done in your company to empower your employees? What have been the impacts on your Customer Experience and Continuous Improvement programs? We’d love to share your success stories with our clients.


Transform Continuous Improvement for Experiences Customers Love

We often see companies make great strides in improving Customer Experience (CX), but then they hit a plateau. Managers look for solutions. They ramp up training, buy new software, or start process improvement projects. These things can improve CX in the short-term, but a culture “tweak” is what is needed to make further improvements. Following is a story of what one client did to link Continuous Improvement (CI) efforts with their CX program and how the linkage has made a difference.

The Customer Experience – Continuous Improvement Plateau

As a large, midwestern specialized equipment dealer, our client provides sales, product support, and rental services to business-to-business customers. Approximately 1,500 employees serve its more than 10,000 customers through a 40+ store network.
The company began its first CX improvement efforts in 2006, and these have been ongoing. The company made consistent improvement over the years, but gains were small in the 2015 period (see chart below). Managers thought the continuous improvement efforts did not yield the desired results and made some changes to the program to connect it to the Customer Experience program. READ MORE

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