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Want to build better relationships with your customers and your employees? The first step is to…..
Thank them!

November reminds us to be thankful. In our recent blog, 5 Reasons to Make Thanksgiving a Habit, Doug Fowler, our COO, outlines the personal benefits of being grateful every day.

What about your employees? Do they feel appreciated? Or are they just “invisible”? Too often we forget about our “invisible” back-office staff and their impact on customer experience. In our blog,Unsung Heroes of the Customer Experience: the Back Office Staff, Doug Fowler, shares an experience that illustrates the impact back-office employees can have on your company’s CX. Also, read HR Daily Advisors’ How to Make Your Employees Feel Valued, for ways to show appreciation to your team. Small acts of acknowledgement can have a big impact. Just ask one of our clients about the impact of a “Good Job” from a customer!

We show appreciation to our team by providing monthly incentive bonuses, conducting an annual employee survey, and responding to their feedback. Here’s a photo of our team taken last month at our staff meeting with everyone wearing their new Daniel Group t-shirt.

Think about your clients. Do they feel valued? In our blog, The Power of Thank You in the Customer Service Experience, I share how important it is to say thank you to your customers. Again, small acts can have a big and lasting impact. For further reading, I recommend Small Business Trends’ “How to Gain Customer Appreciation and Why You Should.” They state that “…68 percent of clients leave because they feel the business doesn’t care about them.” They suggest hosting events, personalizing services, handwritten notes, and loyalty programs to show customer appreciation.

We show our appreciation to our clients every day by providing quality services, listening to them, and continually making changes. We are so grateful to be able to help them achieve their goals.

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Happy Thanksgiving and Thanks!



Lynn Daniel

Unsung Heroes of the Customer Experience: Your Back Office

Believe it or not, your non-customer facing employees, from Sales, Support to Finance, to Legal, are the foundation on which great customer experiences are built. Yet, too often, organizations don’t realize this, or they forget the importance of the support team until it’s too late and your customers begin leaving for your competitors.

If you work in a sales function, take a moment to read the story below and consider the importance of your support team. If you’re in support, take a moment to pat yourself on the back!

Back office to the rescue!

Today, we will finalize the sale of a car belonging to a recently deceased family member, thanks to Heather,* a 20-year back office veteran at a local car store…Read More

The Power of Thank You in the Customer Service Experience

A recent unexpected experience in customer service made me think about the power of a “thank you.” We purchased a slightly used car from CarMax. We had an 11-year-old car with more than 150,000 miles on it that needed to go. She found a car she liked and traded in the old car.

When we returned home after buying the car we both remarked about how pleasant the buying experience was. The traditional back and forth between salesperson and sales manager was gone. We had checked online so we knew the price being asked for the car was reasonable. The value we received on the trade-in was okay given the rather poor condition of the car (no major wrecks but driven at points of its life by two different teenagers). As I have thought more about that buying experience one thing stands out that made it especially positive….Read More

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Selling a backhoe is nothing like selling a toothbrush.

And yet, most B2B and industrial businesses—whatever they sell—still try to use customer feedback strategies and tools designed for B2C businesses.

When you’re selling toothbrushes, you can email a generic feedback survey to a customer sample that’s millions strong. If only a very small proportion of them respond, that’s fine—because your customers are so numerous….Read More

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