Why B2B customer feedback programs fail (and how to make yours succeed)

Selling a backhoe is nothing like selling a toothbrush.

And yet, most B2B and industrial businesses—whatever they sell—still try to use customer feedback strategies and tools designed for B2C businesses.

When you’re selling toothbrushes, you can email a generic feedback survey to a customer sample that’s millions strong. If only a very small proportion of them respond, that’s fine—because your customers are so numerous.

It’s also no big deal if your overly long survey leaves a few customers feeling harassed and frustrated, and they switch to another brand. After all, individual customer value is typically low.

But as you’re no doubt aware—selling to a B2C customer  is the polar opposite of selling to B2B and industrial customers.

It’s possible just a handful of those customers are responsible for the majority of your annual revenue.

So… the last thing you want to do is get on anyone’s nerves.

Apply B2C strategies in your B2B company, and there’s a good chance your feedback program won’t simply fail, it’ll backfiredamaging  customer satisfaction.

In this eBook we’ll explore some of the most common mistakes B2B companies make when designing and executing customer feedback programs.

We’ll also recommend some strategies that do work in industrial and B2B, based on our 27 years supporting the sector.

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