Improving customer loyalty through engaged employees

Motivated, empowered staff work hard for your customers – making employee engagement a key service metric.

Beyond working harder, engaged employees can help create an emotional attachment with customers. This emotional attachment translates into emotionally engaged customers – who tend to spend more over time and talk positively about your company to others.

Gallup’s research of U.S. and global companies has shown, however, that over 50% of employees are not engaged. This lack of engagement can negatively affect your company if not corrected.

Employee Feedback Surveys
Employee Feedback is a Pulse Style survey process that enables you to track employee feedback and engagement over time as well as its impact on customer loyalty.

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With Employee Feedback and the ExperienceConnect web-based portal, you can:

More accurately measure the impact of organizational changes on employees, such as new location or department managers
Determine the positive (or negative) correlation between customer satisfaction and employee engagement
Identify best practice areas or respond to early warning signs about problem areas
View data by division or location
Integrate with ExperienceConnect or use a stand-alone service
Employee Feedback is easy-to-use and gives you full control over survey set up, frequency, and role-based permissions.

Understanding your employees is key to improving a company’s culture.