Want to Manage your Customer Feedback in Real-Time? Watch a DEMO of ExperienceConnect. Learn why B2B businesses across North America trust The Daniel Group’s ExperienceConnect platform to help them integrate customer feedback into the DNA of their businesses. ExperienceConnect is a complete Customer Feedback Management and Analytics, customized for your business. Feedback available by live interviews, email, text, and web. In the live demo you will see the basic functionality of ExperienceConnect, including receiving survey feedback, how to act on the feedback within the system, and reporting and in depth analytics.
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Advanced CX Insights Available
Advanced CX Insights available to help you understand the “why” behind your scores. The CX dashboard provides an overall view of your program with customizable pages to see all your details. For example, you can see your NPS trend by region, location, survey type, and modality.

What's on Your Marketing Agenda? How Can Better CX Help Marketing?
What’s on Your Marketing Agenda? How Can Better CX Help Marketing?

Making your marketing dollars more effective is on everyone’s marketing agenda. One way to make your marketing efforts more effective (and stretch the budget) is to improve CX. However, doing so is a challenging task. There are so many areas of the customer journey that may need attention.

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Review and Manage your Customer Feedback: Getting Started? Essential Tips for B2B Customer Feedback


Customer feedback is invaluable for any business. It tells you whether you’re delivering a great product, sales or support experience.


It reveals why customers buy from you—and what would make them buy more even more. But when you’re selling to B2B customers, creating a successful feedback program can be tough.

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