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What scares you about finding out what your customers really think?

  • Negative reviews?
  • What questions to ask, and how many?
  • How to ask them? By phone? Email? Weblink?

Let’s start with negative reviews. You need to know what your customers are unhappy about in dealing with you. Quirk’s Media’s article, “In B2B environments, no news is not good news“, explains the downside of not getting this information from your customers. Unhappy customers will talk to others if they don’t get a chance to tell you. From our blog library, “I can’t see my customer from my office“; we outline the real impact of word-of-mouth marketing. Seventy-five percent of your unhappy customers will talk about their experience with you to others!

What about the questions to ask, and how many? Entrepreneur’s “How to Ask Survey Questions for Maximum Marketing Benefit” explains the key to survey questions is asking the right indirect questions at the right time. From our blog, “When is a B2B Customer Satisfaction Survey too Long?” we explain that it’s not so much how many questions but the length of time it takes to complete the survey. If it is a transactional survey done by phone, 3-5 minutes to complete is likely tops. If it is an email, design it so it can be completed in 2-3 minutes maximum. Shorter is always better.

In my recent blog, “Choosing the Best Survey Mode for Your B-to-B Company—It Matters,” I address survey mode. There is no one “best” survey mode. It’s a complicated decision, and sometimes a hybrid approach works best.

October is when we hear scary ghost stores.  Don’t be afraid to hear from your customers.

Let me know what you think!

Lynn Daniel


Are your customers complaining that your surveys are too long or are difficult to answer?
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Over the past few months, several managers have expressed frustration about being unable to get an acceptable view of their end-customers. As one said to me, “we do not know how well our end-users are being served. We have no view on the customer experience. I cannot see my customer!”

These managers work at manufacturers who use distributors to resell their products to end-users.Distributors play an essential role in many business-to-business markets by providing a cost-effective way of moving products and services to customers.  READ MORE

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