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Build Better Customer Experiences With B2B Customer Experience Management

Developing a better experience for your customers takes more than survey data — it requires actionable insights. With ExperienceConnect, you can measure, manage and improve your client experience through technology. The advantages of our software and support include:

  • B2B focus: We understand that B2B businesses require a different approach to customer service than B2C companies. As a result, we developed ExperienceConnect with businesses like yours in mind. Our surveys inspire meaningful engagement with your customers.
  • Multiple survey types: The type of survey that you provide your customers influences the kind of data you’ll receive. To give you a truly customized solution, we’ll help you determine survey formats to use. Choose from or combine email, phone and weblink surveys.
  • Transaction-based feedback: Our analysts will get in touch with your customers at the ideal time — right after a transaction. We can also perform periodic and recurring surveys depending on your strategy.

Understand Your Staff With Programs to Improve Employee Engagement

Motivated employees lead to engaged customers. ExperienceConnect also has employee engagement capabilities that help you understand your staff environment. With ExperienceConnect—Employee services, you can:

  • Survey your employees: Using a combination of planned and random surveys, you can learn how your team feels about their experience.
  • Check in with new and leaving team members: Develop surveys on your onboarding process to help new employees adjust to your workplace. We can also perform exit interviews to see why voluntary separations happen.
  • Discover how to improve staff engagement: Like our customer experience solutions, our employee engagement services provide critical insights. This information will help you find ways to enhance your staff environment.

Find New Opportunities for Innovation and Growth Through B2B Customer Experience Strategy

Our people set our solutions apart from the competition. As an ExperienceConnect client, you’ll receive consulting and market research services for customer satisfaction. Learn how our strategic capabilities for businesses will inform your customer experience strategy:

Strategic Business Consulting

Allow our consultants to help you develop a focused business strategy. We create comprehensive plans by looking at the perspectives of your customers, employees and financial performance. Our business strategies consider each client’s unique approach to business. You’ll get a strategic framework that accounts for your culture, leadership and offerings.

Market Research Performance and Analysis

Gain deep insights into your industry to connect with your customers in new ways. After we work with you to establish your research goals, we’ll conduct online research, phone interviews, surveys and focus groups. Our analysts will then give you detailed data and recommendations to guide your engagement strategy.

Reach Out to Us for More Information

At The Daniel Group, we provide the same level of assistance to our potential customers as we do our current clients. Feel free to get in touch with us to learn more about our solutions.

Our Programs to Improve Customer Experience for B2B Companies

Ready to create an actionable customer experience strategy? Let us help. Find out more about each of our services below:

Build better customer experiences. Understand your employees. Find new opportunities for innovation and growth.

Customer Feedback

Customer feedback

The way you obtain and share feedback is central to your ability to improve customer experience.

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Employee Feedback

Employee feedback

Motivated, empowered staff work hard for your customers — making employee engagement a key service metric.

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Market Research

Market research

Discover which aspects of your customers’ experience have the most impact, to grow your business.

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Strategic consulting

Having a clear, focused strategy is critical to the success of any business.

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