Having a clear, focused strategy is critical to the success of any business.

Every business needs a well-defined strategy to determine its direction and serve as a roadmap for the future. A carefully crafted plan gives your organization the structure and guidelines it needs to move forward in today’s challenging business climate and achieve its operational and financial objectives.

An effective strategy serves as a guide when making crucial business decisions. By ensuring that that the choices you make and the actions you take align with your strategic initiatives, you can move forward with confidence. You’ll also minimize the risk of errors in judgment that could impede the progress of your organization.

The Value of Strategic Consulting for B2B Companies

B2B companies in any industry can benefit from the services of capable, experienced consultants when developing a strategic plan for their organization. An outside consultant brings the following to the process:

  • A fresh perspective that is not influenced by the current organizational culture or “groupthink.”
  • Industry insight that current members of the management team may not possess.
  • Access to methods and tools that facilitate the strategic planning process.
  • The ability to identify and address sensitive or negative issues that were previously avoided or “swept under the rug.”
  • Coaching, advising and guiding through every phase of the process.

The Daniel Group Offers Expert Strategic Consulting Services

With more than 30 years of experience helping businesses improve the experience for their customers and employees, The Daniel Group can deliver high-quality consulting services to your organization. We’ve achieved successful results for companies of all sizes in industries including Industrial Equipment and Manufacturing, Business and Technology Services and Transportation & Logistics.

With our strategic consulting service, you get our expertise and guidance – with the end result being a strategic plan based on the leadership, culture, and offerings unique to your business.

With strategic consulting, we help you:

  • Define the decision-making framework for achieving your business goals
  • Develop your vision by taking a close look at your marketplace from three perspectives: Customers, Employees, and Financial Performance
  • Execute the plan

The result of this fully developed and well-executed strategic plan is where it counts: your bottom line.


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B2B Customer Experience Consulting

We provide consulting for B2B customer feedback to allow you to gauge and manage the customer experience and identify potential areas for improvement. Our collaborative process consists of the development of a tailored customer service strategy that will assist you in designing surveys so you can take the pulse of your customer base. We’ll also help you implement and execute the plan and assess the results. You’ll have access to valuable information that can significantly improve your organization’s service level.

Strategic Consulting for Employee Feedback

The Daniel Group can provide strategic consulting that can increase the level of employee engagement throughout your organization. We’ll help you utilize surveys and other mechanisms that give an accurate measure of the degree of satisfaction your workers are experiencing. You’ll also gain valuable insight into the nature of your work environment and culture and be able to identify opportunities for improvement. Enhancing employee engagement leads to a better customer experience, more brand loyalty and higher customer retention levels.

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