It’s what you do with it that counts.
We help B2B companies put customer and employee feedback to work to build stronger businesses.

"Effortless, appreciated, and secure...

that's how I feel as a client working with The Daniel Group."

- Long-time Daniel Group Client


Our ExperienceConnect Customer Feedback program helps you measure, manage, and improve your customer experience.

Find out how

Imagine if your customer survey actually made a difference.

You already know the theory.

Winning your customer’s heart is absolutely critical to business growth – especially in B2B, often starts with your customer survey… and, for too many organizations, that’s where it ends.

You need real information that helps you make decisions and take action…

Valid, accurate and unbiased

First and foremost, you need to be confident you have the right information – so you make the right decisions.

Information in the right hands

A single customer comment might help many people at once: say, the service manager who’ll fix a problem, the designer improving the new product, the marketing manager planning a campaign, and the sales team who’ll sell the next one.

At the right time

Survey your customers once or twice a year, and the moment will have passed. We send your people email alerts, and can put the details right into Salesforce and other CRMs, so you’re always on point.

End to end feedback

For a B2B channel organization, hearing your customer’s is hard – but it’s critical. We work with manufacturers, service companies and value-added resellers to understand the customer’s view at every part of the chain.

Actionable B2B feedback, that actually helps you improve customer experience and grow your business.

Here at The Daniel Group, that’s what we do.


The way you obtain and share feedback is central to your ability to improve customer experience.


Motivated, empowered staff work hard for your customers – making employee engagement a key service metric.


Discover which aspects of your customers’ experience have the most impact, to grow your business.


Having a clear, focused strategy is critical to the success of any business. Learn how The Daniel Group can help your business.