Is your CX program just running in the background? It shouldn’t be!

Your CX program isn’t something you can just “turn on” and forget. Too often, managers tend to “set and forget” their CX programs. It is as if collecting feedback is their CX program.

Collecting feedback is only part of an effective CX program. Translating the feedback into action and change is even more critical. It is more critical for many reasons, but the impact on sales is an important one to keep in mind.

Here’s why; if your company has excellent CX, it drives sales. Research shows that more buyers rely even more on word-of-mouth ( WOM) when making purchases. This is especially true for millennial buyers. We also know that very satisfied customers are likely to tell others. Did you know that:

  • More than 50% of customers consider feedback from others and past relevant experiences before making purchases?
  • 30-40% of customers make referrals?
  • 90% of referrals come from customers that gave a 9 or 10 on ‘likelihood to recommend.

I recommend my two recent blogs for further reading on how you can continue to improve your CX program:

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As always, I welcome your feedback and would love to hear from you about your CX successes we can share with our clients.

Lynn Daniel
Founder & CEO

Three Steps to Excellent CX: Measure, Manage, and Improve

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