Ready to Take Your Business to the Next Level? Focus on Customer Experience!

The start of a new year is the perfect time to focus on Customer Experience. Regardless of what type of B2B business you are in, your company changed in the last two years. For example, face masks, strict hygiene protocols, remote work, more digital meetings, digital orders, etc.  Your customers have changed too. Their expectations are different now.

How your customers feel about you is paramount for referrals. Most people (83%)1 trust the recommendations of their family and friends, and consequently, satisfied customers generate over 90%2 of referrals. In other words, you need to know how your customers feel about you and where you need to make improvements in your customer’s journey for your company’s growth.

If you are just getting started in CX or want to improve your current program, we have some resources for you. First, my most recent blog, Top Three Reasons To Start a Customer Experience Program, explains the benefits of focusing on your Customer Experience.

  1. Customer Experience Makes Your Company More Competitive
  2. Customer Experience Increases Company Growth and Employee Engagement
  3. You Need to Know How Your Company Performs at Each Customer Touchpoint

Client Success Stories

Did you know that companies with successful CX programs are twice as likely (55% vs. 26%)3 to use customer feedback data to identify problem areas and improve?  Moreover, to learn exactly how some of our clients successfully use customer feedback data to improve and grow their businesses, watch these very insightful interviews.

To take that feedback and say, “Wow, maybe we believe in our own press a little too much. And we need to understand why it is that maybe we have some of these gaps in expectations from our customers.” We always talk about the what and the how. What we do is fantastic. We’ve got some of the best trained technicians and parts personnel out there. Our managers care deeply. We have a set of values that we live by where ethical and a caring attitude are at the top of them. And yet, somehow that wasn’t translating consistently to all of our customer base.

Edward Craner, HOLT CAT

It is a great time to focus on Customer Experience as part of your company’s strategies and goals for 2022.

Lynn Daniel

Top Three Reasons To Start a Customer Experience Program

The Daniel Group’s extensive CX data effortlessly reveals the top three reasons to start a Customer Experience  program at your B2B company that has nothing with online buzz.  Right now, Customer Experience (CX) is one of those topics getting a lot of attention. If you do a Google search on Customer Experience, it returns 4.2 billion hits. Interestingly, this is slightly greater than searching on the word COVID (4.0 billion hits). But just because CX is getting attention is no reason, by itself, to embark on a CX improvement effort. READ MORE


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