The Daniel Group has developed a B2B Customer Experience Maturity Assessment based on our extensive customer feedback data from our 30+ years of surveys and market research across multiple B2B markets. This assessment will assist you in developing an understanding of where your organization is on its CX journey.   

There are five performance areas to consider:    

  • Goals & Governance 
  • Customer Listening 
  • Employee Engagement 
  • Analytics & Continuous Improvement 
  • Closing the Loop 

To help you understand the maturity of your organization’s CX journey, there are five stages, shown below. 

Once you complete the CX Assessment, you will see the results and receive an email with your responses as well.  This information provides insights on where attention is needed to improve your organizations CX efforts.   

CX Maturity Assessment

I. Goals & Governance

Clear customer experience goals need to be defined and integrated into your company's core business strategy. Everyone throughout the organization must know and understand what is to be achieved through better CX. Having an effective continuous improvement process is essential. Improvement opportunities will be identified in the customer feedback process, and there must be a way to act on these ideas. his understanding must know the purposes of the CX program and how these purposes relate to other organizational goals.

II. Customer Listening

You must listen to your customers' feedback to measure your progress against your customer experience goals. Do you know how to get the most out of your customer feedback surveys and how the feedback data fits into a broader customer listening program involving other types of customer feedback and market research?

III. Employee Engagement

Your employees must not only understand what to do for customers and how to do it, they must also want to do it. Do you have best practices in place for employee engagement, emphasizing on building a positive, winning culture and training managers to become effective coaches?

IV. Analytics & Continuous Improvement

There must be processes to continuously learn from and act on customer feedback. A successful CX program is not just about reacting to issues but making changes in your organization that result in sustainable improvements in the customer experience.

V. Closing the Loop

It's critical to thank customers for their feedback. Thank yous can happen individually and, more broadly, through Marketing/Communication messages regarding changes made in response to customer feedback.

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