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What’s the best way to get feedback? Is it phone, web, email, or text? Well, unfortunately, there is no one correct answer. It depends on multiple factors, from the complexity of the transaction to your customers’ preferences. Remember, for deep analysis, there is no substitute for talking to your customers one at a time.  In my recent blog, “As Covid continues, CX Approaches to Gathering Feedback Need to Expand,” I outline in detail which method works best depending on the situation.  

Regardless of the best way to get feedback, it would help if you considered these things:

Customer Contact Data:  Your customer data comes first in the process. You can’t contact an adequate number of your customers in any meaningful way if you don’t have complete contact data. So always get full names, phone numbers, cell numbers, and email addresses.

Best Way to Get Feedback: Mixed channels work best.

Mixed Feedback Channels Work Best

Mixed Contact Channels Work Best:
Using only one method for all your customer relationships and transactions will have downfalls. One size does not fit all for customer feedback. For example, an email or text survey may work well for a simple parts order. There are only a few limited set of factors that you need to measure (e.g., part accuracy, delivery timeliness, priced as promised). However, for the sale of an expensive new piece of equipment, more factors need to be gauged.

Connect with Your Customers: Bottom line, regardless of the method you use, connect with your customers! This point was driven home when I recently interviewed Edward Craner SVP of Strategy and Marketing, at HOLT CAT, and he noted what a surprise it was to learn that they had a perception of being expensive and hard to do business with” when they first did a market research study. He explained that they hadn’t been connecting with all their customers; only the larger ones. According to Gallop, companies that emotionally connect with their customers typically outperform their competitors by 85% in sales growth.

Ideally, we must continuously address how we get the voice of our customers and get this data to our staff for action. Customer Experience is not something you can solve one day and move on to other things. It is always ongoing and evolving. 

I hope your transition from summer to fall is going well. Our thoughts and prayers are with our clients that have been devastated by recent hurricanes and wildfires.

Lynn Daniel

As Covid continues, CX Approaches to Gathering Feedback Need to Expand

Two-thirds of buyers prefer remote human interactions or digital self-service

Two-thirds of buyers prefer remote human interactions or digital self-service (McKinsey & Company).

It is an understatement to say that COVID has fundamentally changed almost everything, including how we do business. We’ve adapted to working remotely, endless Zoom meetings, customer service with a mask, social distancing, curbside pickup, expanded deliveries, less travel to see customers, etc. Accordingly, customers expect more flexibility and options now, even for customer feedback. Have you reconsidered how you gather feedback from your customers too?

CX Approaches to Gathering Feedback Need to Expand

Customers want to provide feedback in different ways or sometimes not at all. What changes do we recommend? A good customer feedback program should take a holistic approach. Blend the various feedback modes, and create an omnichannel strategy. READ MORE

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Edward Craner, SVP of Strategy and Marketing, HOLT CAT, shares how they have transformed their company with feedback over the past 13 years.

To take that feedback and say, “Wow, maybe we believe in our own press a little too much. And we need to understand why it is that maybe we have some of these gaps in expectations from our customers.” We always talk about the what and the how. What we do is fantastic. We’ve got some of the best trained technicians and parts personnel out there. Our managers care deeply. We have a set of values that we live by where ethical and a caring attitude are at the top of them. And yet, somehow that wasn’t translating consistently to all of our customer base.

So as we started to get the feedback that there were gaps in the way that we were showing up, we started to consider that to be the breakfast of champions. We thought, if we can get that, we can eat it. We can understand it. We can love it. We can get more of it, that it could help our operations.

Edward Craner

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