Keeping your customers engaged in a social distance environment

How can you keep your customers engaged in a social distancing environment? How do you keep customers at ease and connect with them when you are wearing a mask and gloves? One client recently asked just that. In response, I wrote,”Delivering Great Customer Service in a Mask.” In this blog, you get tips and reminders about facial expressions and body language to help your employees maintain excellent customer experiences.

To learn more about the impact of body language while wearing a mask, read, “Former FBI agent of 25 years explains how to ‘speed-read’ body language—now that we’re wearing face masks.” This article provides some practical tips on how your employees can change their body language to improve communication with customers.

Tips for wearing a mask

Another article on body language is, “Are you having trouble communicating with your face mask on? Here are some tips.” Your team can succeed while wearing masks and gloves. It will just take some extra effort to connect with your customers.


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Let us know if you have ideas or things you’ve learned during this time of social distancing. We’d love to share them with all our clients.

Please stay safe and well.

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Delivering Great Customer Service in a Mask

Customer Service with a mask

How do you deliver great customer service while wearing a mask?

7% of communication is words

Think about it. You walk into a store to buy something, and most everyone is wearing face masks and, in some cases, gloves as well. You may think you inadvertently walked in on a major robbery though we all know this is not the case now. With faces covered and practicing social distancing measures, how do you change your behaviors so that customers feel welcome and become engaged?

One of our clients asked this question a few days ago. How do we go about delivering great customer service with a mask on?

To answer the question of how we should behave when wearing a mask, you first need to understand the importance of body language for employees and customers. Second, you need to understand the central significance your face plays in establishing a good relationship with your customers.

Research from UCLA shows that only 7% of communication is actual words. The rest comes from the tone of your voice, and 55% comes from body language. Facial expression is a critical component of your body language. READ MORE

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