What important CX lessons did you learn in 2020 to keep your customers during a pandemic?
Everything changed at the end of March! Our team did not know what to expect. Many of our clients did not know, as well.

There were so many unknowns as the pandemic changed business as usual. We closed our offices on the 17th. Other than me, no one else has been coming to the office. (I have learned much about the unusual sounds made by an empty office!)

We learned some important CX lessons in 2020

Communication is even more critical

We asked customers about any questions they had, and they had many. What precautions is my provider taking? Have the hours changed? When a technician comes out for a service, what safeguards will he take? Lots of seeming “small” questions but crucial questions to answer for customers.

Certainty was (and is) highly valued

Almost everything was up-in-the-air early in the pandemic. It still is to a degree. Customers still needed to run their businesses, so knowing that a critical provider was still open, albeit with restrictions, and able to take care of their needs provided certainty when there was little. They wanted reassurance! They wanted reliability!

We are still in the pandemic “woods,” though it looks like solutions are coming. Even when we are in a better situation than we are now, effective and continuous communication and reliable service that customers can rely on will be important!

In my recent blog, Powerful Customer Feedback in 5 Simple Steps, I outline next steps to take to start or keep your CX program humming. Excellent Customer Experience makes your customers feel confident in your ability to be a trusted partner; especially during times of crisis.

I’ve started a video series of interviews with our clients to share what they’ve learned from a Customer Experience perspective. Most recently, I interviewed Mike Kedanis, Director of Quality, Altec Industries. You can watch the video here.

Again, what did important CX lessons did you learn in CX in 2020? We’d love to share your findings with our clients. You can email me directly or complete the form below.

We wish everyone a healthy and happy holiday season. Please enjoy the holiday video greeting below featuring some of our beloved children and pets of The Daniel Group family.

Lynn Daniel
CEO & Founder

P.S. In lieu of parties and holiday cards, we will be donating money to organizations that help feed our citizens. Please join us in this effort.

what important cx lessons did you learn this yearPowerful Customer Feedback in 5 Simple Steps

What should you do next for a powerful customer feedback program? Today, businesses are talking more about “customer experience.” Things may have progressed further at your company, and management has approved starting a formal customer feedback program. A variety of other activities are underway to launch this customer experience improvement effort.

You are wondering privately, “Have I done everything need to do?” Or “What should I do next?” These are common questions. So much energy and effort go into getting a Customer Feedback program off the ground that sometimes managers overlook some of the important “what next” questions. Some of the questions are not “what next?” but “what now?”

Here are some of the essential things to consider. These are five considerations for an effective Customer Experience program. If you have not already included them, do so. These are the things that will help you get the most out of your Customer Feedback program.  READ MORE

We want your feedback! Tell us what important lessons you learned from a Customer Experience perspective in 2020.



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