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What’s on Your Marketing Agenda? How Can Better CX Help Marketing?

Making your marketing dollars more effective is on everyone’s marketing agenda. One way to make your marketing efforts more effective (and stretch the budget) is to improve CX. However, doing so is a challenging task. There are so many areas of the customer journey that may need attention.

To help you understand which areas need attention, first, take our CX Maturity Assessment. This short assessment helps you identify your strengths and weaknesses and where you need to begin to improve your CX efforts. Upon completion, we will provide a comparison to see how your company stacks up with others that have responded to the assessment. You will find it interesting!

So how does better CX help?

Better CX helps your marketing efforts in at least one fundamental way. Companies with excellent customer experience have an easier time finding new customers. Why? Our research with B2B companies shows that 30-40% of customers refer to the product or provider. Moreover, over 90% of the referrals come from the most satisfied customers. If you please existing customers, they will do part of your marketing job.

To keep your customers, get referrals from them, and ultimately grow your business focus on providing excellent CX. If you want ideas on improving CX, check out my latest blog, “Simple Steps to Start or Reinvigorate your B2B CX Program!”

By the way, feel free to pass this along to your marketing team. You can help make their marketing jobs easier in 2023. They may thank you.

What’s New from The Daniel Group

Our clients have been asking for training to help them improve their CX. I am pleased to announce two new training programs do just that and are offered through The Daniel Group CX Institute.

The first is CX for Frontline Managers. This program helps front-line managers and supervisors to understand where to start to improve customer experience. In addition, this training helps these critically important managers make CX a part of their operations.

The second program is CX Program Leader Certification. This two-day intensive program prepares leaders in charge of CX improvement to be more successful. A small group setting (6-8 people) allows the group to learn from experienced TDG practitioners and each other.

For more information on these programs, click this link or contact me.

Marketing Agenda: Simple Steps to Start or Reinvigorate your B2B CX program

Simple Steps to Start or Reinvigorate your B2B CX Program!

Whether you need to start or reinvigorate your B2B CX program, there are simple steps to take your business to the next level. In this blog, I want to focus on two groups of readers. The first group of readers is those who still need a formal CX improvement program in their organization. Second are those readers whose companies have a program but may be thinking about ways to bring new life to the effort.

Providing customers with excellent customer experiences is increasingly becoming a “must-have.” Why?
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Marketing Agenda: B2B CX Maturity Assessment


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