Are You Giving Customers the Experience They Desire? Part I

Welcome to Success Strategies.  Are you giving your customers the CX they desire from from you? We recently introduced a new four-part blog series: Giving Your Customers What They Want. Throughout the series, we will explore the importance of the following topics:

Part 1: Make CX Easy focuses on the importance of making it easy for your customers to do business with you. When customers mention that it is easy to do business with a company, the NPS goes up by 7.5 points!

I found a few more interesting articles on this topic to share with you:

Customer Think: Ease of Doing Business: Best Leading Indicator of Growth – reminds us that “Ease of doing business quantifies the extent to which customers are enhanced or constrained by your enterprise.”

Inc.: 4 Strategies for Improving Your Customer’s Experience without Increasing Your Costs – although targeted for B2C, the principles outlined apply to B2B as well.

Next up in our blog series is Part II:

CX Communication – “Please talk to me (phone, email, text, even mail)! I want to know where my (SIP) is:

Stuff: product, new or used, rental, etc.
Information: invoices, product information, MSDS, etc.
Person: serviceperson. I want it fixed.”

Let us know how you’ve made it easy for your customers to do business with you. We’d love to share your successful initiatives with our clients.

Lynn Daniel
Founder & CEO

Make CX Easy

Here at The Daniel Group, we pride ourselves on supporting our clients in making CX as easy as possible. We do this by gathering information by surveying our clients’ customers. Our analysts ask customers what they felt went well in their experience doing business with our clients, and then we ask them about aspects that could use improvement. They capture the verbatim comments and apply topic tags for categorization. After analyzing some of the results from our ExperienceConnect clients, I discovered the impact of the ease of doing business. Allow me to explain.

Making it easy for customers to do business with your company dramatically impacts the NPS (Net Promoter Score)®. When customers mention that it is easy to do business with a company, the NPS goes up by 7.5 points.

Conversely, if customers say that doing business with a company is rather difficult, the NPS is 53 points lower for the company. Of all the tags we use to categorize comments, “ease of doing business” has the most significant impact on NPS®. Thus, it is clear that making it as easy as possible for customers is a proven way to create a better customer experience. It is time to assess the ease of doing business with your company…continue reading

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