Customer Experience Consistency is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out.

Name one fast-food restaurant that provides a consistent, superior customer experience. Chick-fil-A is the first one that comes to my mind. Without fail, regardless of where I am, and I travel often, I know that if I stop there, I will receive a smile and hear, “My pleasure.”

What would your customers say about what they expect from your organization? Hopefully, your survey data shows consistent positive comments. If not, you have some work to do. I have some tips to help you improve your Customer Experience Consistency in my recent blog, Top Four Tips to Build Powerful and Consistent Customer Experiences.

I also recommend “4 Strategies to Simplify the Customer Journey” by Harvard Business Review for more tips.

As you can see, it is well worth your time and effort to improve Customer Experience Consistency. The first step is to starting reading, responding, and acting on your survey data. Look for common complaints and fix them.

Are you ready to give customers what they want from you? Three installments of our four-part series that focuses on this question are now available. Throughout the series, we will explore the importance of the following topics:

  1. Make CX Easy: Give Your Customers What They Want
  2. Effective CX Communication: Three Powerful Tips for Effective CX Communication
  3. Consistent CX: Top Four Tips to Build Powerful and Consistent Customer Experiences
  4. CX and Price: When does price really become a differentiator? (Coming in June)

If you have improved your CX consistency recently, we’d love to hear your success story and share it with our clients.

Lynn Daniel

Top Four Tips to Build Powerful and Consistent Customer Experiences

Powerful and Consistent Customer Experiences matter for one simple reason—consistency helps you build trust with your customers. When your customers trust you, they buy more from you. Using our 30+ years of customer feedback data, we have developed four simple tips to help you improve the consistency of your CX program. Does consistency matter in creating better customer experiences? The answer is yes. It matters in many different areas, including music, as the Bruce Springsteen quote below illustrates.

Getting an audience (customer) is hard. Sustaining an audience (customer) is hard. It demands a consistency of thought, of purpose and of action over a long period of time. – Bruce Springsteen

Consistent Customer Experiences vs. Inconsistent

Let’s start with a story about the power of inconsistency. I worked on a consulting project with a trucking company focused on a new marketing program offering faster delivery times from one major city to another (e.g., Atlanta, GA to New York was a few days quicker) with a slight price premium. The marketing team thought this would give them a leg up on the competition. After several months of hard marketing, they had only a few customers to try the service, and the results were disappointing.

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The Daniel Group has developed a B2B Customer Experience Maturity Assessment based on our extensive customer feedback data from our 30+ years of surveys and market research across multiple B2B markets. This assessment will assist you in developing an understanding of where your organization is on its CX journey.

There are five performance areas to consider:

  • Goals & Governance
  • Customer Listening
  • Employee Engagement
  • Analytics & Continuous Improvement
  • Closing the Loop

To help you understand the maturity of your organization’s CX journey, there are five stages, shown below.

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Customer Loyalty: Let’s Talk About 8

What’s wrong with an 8?! Some people just don’t give 9’s and 10’s.”

I’ve heard this question often from companies who measure customer loyalty or customer satisfaction using the NPS® 1-10. It’s a common hot-button issue when measuring customer satisfaction worth exploring.

And the survey says… meh
A number of popular customer loyalty measurement systems sort customers into loyalty buckets based on their answers to a 1-10 rating question, and an 8 often falls into a middle-of-the-road “meh” bucket.

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