4 Ways CX Governance Can Transform Your Customer Experience Strategy

What happens when the senior executives have not defined how the organization’s Customer Experience strategy fits into the company’s priorities, and there isn’t a regular plan for providing program governance? Low engagement from the frontline.  For example, I often hear from frustrated CX program leaders, “I can’t get many frontline managers engaged in our CX program. They just don’t get it,” As an outsider looking at the situation, I see one key reason why the CX leader is frustrated, and it begins with CX Governance.

While the program has improved CX performance, opportunities to go further within the program are missing because direction and accountability from senior management need to be clarified. In short, the program governance could be more robust.

Customer Experience is the sum-totality of how customers engage with your company and brand, not just in a snapshot in time, but throughout the entire arc of being a customer.Why is governance so essential to your Customer Experience Strategy?

Here are some key reasons why governance is vital to excellent customer experience:

1.  Alignment

Effective governance helps ensure customer experience initiatives align with the organization’s strategy, goals, and values. This alignment ensures that the customer experience is consistent with the organization’s overall mission and purpose, which helps build customer trust and loyalty.

2.  Consistency

Good governance ensures that customer experience initiatives are implemented consistently across all channels and touchpoints. This consistency helps customers know what to expect from the organization, regardless of how they interact with it, which helps build trust and confidence in the brand.

2.  Accountability

Governance establishes clear roles and responsibilities for customer experience initiatives, which helps ensure accountability for delivering results. Accountability helps employees see priorities in action. While senior managers need to talk about CX, holding employees accountable for delivering it is even more critical.

4. Continuous improvement

Critical to effective governance is linking CX and continuous improvement. A process to continually review and improve customer experience initiatives is essential for creating a vibrant and effective CX program. This continuous improvement helps organizations stay relevant and responsive to changing customer needs and expectations, which helps build trust and loyalty with customers. If customers see things change for the better, they will like it!

If starting a CX program, don’t overlook this “governance thing.” Likewise, consider your governance process if you have an existing program and find that your frontline employees could be more engaged.

How could it be improved? To help you answer this question, consider our CX Maturity Index. It is a short assessment that helps identify specific areas where governance and other components of your CX program could be improved. Check it out here.

All the best.

Lynn Daniel
Founder & CEO

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