B2B Customer Feedback

Put customer feedback to work in your business

Creating better customer experiences demands more than surveys; you need insights you can act on – and that takes a consistent, end-to-end process.

Leading B2B companies trust our ExperienceConnect customer feedback program to help them measure, manage, and improve their customer experience.

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ExperienceConnect Key Benefits

Built for B2B businesses

Whether you are a product manufacturer, a service company, or a value-added dealer, we enable you clearly see the customer experience at every level of your distribution process all the way through to the end customer.

built for b2b businesses

Ask for feedback when it matters most

Obtain feedback while it’s fresh in the customer’s mind and most useful to your business, via transaction-based surveys. Periodic and recurring customer relationship surveys are also available.

ask for feedback when it matters most

Communicate the way your customers prefer

Communicate with your customers in the way it works best for them. From in-person interviews, phone, and mobile-friendly email and web surveys.

communicate the way your customers prefer

Get feedback in the right hands, right away

Get the right feedback into the right hands at your company, automatically and in real-time. Your employees see only the feedback they need to see, which they can easily access via our cloud-based portal and email alerts.

get feedback in the right hands

Identify and respond to issues and opportunities

Receive real-time action alerts on issues, opportunities, and employee recognition coming in from your customers, to help you act quickly to strengthen specific customer relationships.

identify and respond to customer issues and opportunities

Improve what matters most to your customers

Use our reporting and analytics tools to spot trends and understand customer loyalty drivers, so you can focus your continuous improvement efforts in the areas that matter most to your customers.

improve what matters most to your customers

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Our cloud-based system means there is no technology to install or maintain. And our program team manages survey design and execution, enabling you to focus on your effort where it counts: on putting the voice of your customers to work in your business.

leave the details to us