B2B Customer Experience Feedback and Analytics With ExperienceConnect

With the ExperienceConnect—our Customer group of services, you can tap into your customers’ experience with your business. Our representatives will closely partner with you to discover how your clients feel about their experience with you. Then, you’ll use the ExperienceConnect platform to manage and analyze the data we collect. Using insights from our customer feedback analysis, we’ll help you build a comprehensive strategy for improving your customer experience.

Creating better customer experiences demands more than surveys.

You need customer feedback analytics you can act on – and that takes a consistent, end-to-end process – comprehensive, intelligent customer feedback analytics. Leading B2B companies trust our ExperienceConnect Customers program to help them measure, manage, and improve their customer experience.

Customized Feedback Program Design and Execution

Our B2B customer experience strategy development process starts with close collaboration. We’ll work with you to develop a customer survey strategy from the ground up. After we determine your goals, we’ll design a survey tailored to your business approach and audience.

How We Collect Customer Feedback

We deliver value to our customers through our selection of survey formats. While many services require you to use a single survey format, we believe that every business requires a unique approach. As our client, you can combine phone, email, web, and text surveys as you wish to get the insights that you need. Learn more about each data collection method:

Phone Surveys - Customer Feedback AnalyticsPhone Surveys

Many of our customers use phone surveys because of their depth of information and accessibility. Since phone calls involve a back-and-forth interaction, our analysts can get rich data from your consumers. During each phone survey, our team members will note key themes in the customer’s answers to use for analysis later. We record each call and make the files available on your ExperienceConnect platform.

Email/Web-link Surveys - Customer Feedback AnalyticsEmail/Web/Text Surveys

Email surveys enable you to reach a large number of customers at an affordable price point. They can also capture details on a variety of transaction types. At The Daniel Group, we know how to develop emails that will improve your chance of survey engagement. Our survey emails allow the customer to answer the first question in the email, then continue the survey on the web. A weblink survey works well when you want to collect data from a wide audience. Embed the survey on your webpage to engage consumers after a purchase or get a general opinion.

Hybrid Survey Approach - Customer Feedback AnalyticsHybrid Approach

With a hybrid approach, we gather feedback by phone, email, and web depending on your company’s needs and your customers’ preferences.  Our team can help you determine an ideal mix of survey types to get you the data you need.

Managing Your Customer Feedback Data

As customers complete your surveys, we’ll send the data to the ExperienceConnect portal. This platform will display your results in an intuitive interface that includes real-time alerts and customer feedback analytics. With ExperienceConnect, you can access your data from anywhere with an internet connection on your computer or mobile device.

 Key Benefits of Customer Feedback Analytics

Built for B2B

Built for B2B businesses

  • Whether you are a product manufacturer, a service company, or a value-added dealer, we enable you clearly see the customer experience at every level of your distribution process all the way through to the end customer.

Single Partner

Get feedback when it matters most

  • Obtain feedback while it’s fresh in the customer’s mind and most useful to your business, via transaction-based surveys.
  • Periodic and recurring customer relationship surveys are also available.

Phone, email, web and text surveys

Communicate the way your customers prefer

  • Communicate with your customers in the way it works best for them.
  • From in-person interviews, phone, and mobile-friendly email and web surveys.

See ExperienceConnect in action  Watch a demo

With your survey results at hand, we’ll combine the power of people and data to develop a customer experience strategy. Our representatives will partner with you to analyze your information and find actionable insights. We’ll use our expertise to help you build new ways to serve your customers.

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Let’s work together to find out what keeps your customers engaged. For more information about our customer feedback process, please contact us today.

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