November 5, 2021

The Daniel Group Announces One Million B2B Customer Feedback Surveys

The Daniel Group is pleased to announce that it has completed more than a million B2B Customer Feedback Surveys. The insights from this survey data will help The Daniel Group’s clients continue to measure, manage, and improve their customer experience.

“What began as an idea with a single construction equipment dealer has grown into a service trusted by industrial equipment dealers and manufacturers across North America. I’m proud of this milestone, our team, and the work we do for our clients every day.” Lynn Daniel, CEO.

While B2C feedback is gathered and shared publicly in large quantities, B2B feedback is typically shared privately and in small quantities, making one million surveys a rare and meaningful dataset.

Doug Fowler, President and COO observed, “We’re excited about the power of our one-million survey dataset. We’re finding valuable insights that in some cases have surprised us and challenged conventional wisdom.”

A timely example of these new insights is The Daniel Group’s finding that indicators of customer loyalty to industrial equipment companies decline rather than increase during periods of economic expansion. This change may be due to customer frustration with supply crunches for both equipment and service technicians, as dealers and manufacturers try to ramp up to meet market demand. Equipment suppliers can use this insight to proactively communicate with customers and support their frontline teams to navigate growth cycles better.

The majority of The Daniel Group’s surveys are live telephone interviews containing detailed quantitative and qualitative customer feedback conducted by its in-house team of highly trained research analysts. The Daniel Group also gathers feedback across various digital channels, enabling its clients to gather feedback wherever they do business with their customers.

The Daniel Group’s cloud-based platform, ExperienceConnect, stores and delivers all customer feedback to its clients in real-time via the web. ExperienceConnect is a secure, robust, cloud-based customer experience management system. It provides clients with a complete 360-degree view of their customer experience status and progress, incorporating both Customer Feedback and Employee Feedback.

The Daniel Group, formed in 1989, serves approximately 75% of all Caterpillar dealers in North America and Daimler Trucks N.A., AGCO, and Blue Bird Corp., and other heavy equipment dealers and manufacturers with their customer experience feedback programs. Their array of B2B services include customer feedback, employee feedback, strategic planning, and market research.

For more information, contact Lynn Daniel at 704-549-5018.

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