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From everyone at The Daniel Group, we’d like to say THANK YOU for your continued loyalty and faith in us. It’s been an absolute pleasure working with all of you this year! We hope to make 2023 even better!

One major highlight from 2022 was our client conference with Fred Reichheld as our keynote and special presenters:

My recent blog highlights what we learned to improve CX at the conference. Throughout 2023, we will continue to share what we learned in depth at the conference to help you continue to improve your program.

  1. Using CX to improve the Bottom Line
  2. Measuring CX Outcomes
  3. Engaging Frontline Employees in CX
  4. Connecting CX and Marketing
  5. Improving CX through Implementation

From The Daniel Group family to yours, sending wishes of warmth, joy, and peace this holiday season!

What Did We Learn to Improve CX? – The Daniel Group 2022 Client Conference

Our annual conference theme, Dollars & Sense, suggests the two primary foci of our conference: 1.) how does better CX improve business outcomes and 2.) how to use CX metrics most effectively. First, we want to share some of what we learned to improve CX. Then, over the coming months, we will present more in-depth discussions of the significant conference components to help you improve your CX program.

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