As we all continue to navigate through the Clovid-19 crisis, we hope that you, your families, and companies are safe and well. At The Daniel Group, we continue to strive to help our clients adapt to ever-changing business environments and supporting your customers.

First, I want to share with you my latest blog, Customer Feedback during the Crisis: More is Better. Here I provide what we are learning from our clients’ customers during this pandemic. In a nutshell, you need your customers’ feedback now more than ever and they are more than willing to talk.  READ MORE.

Below are two really useful articles to read:

Ensure that Your Customer Relationships Outlast the Coronavirus

This article from Harvard Business Review includes key strategies to preserve your customer relationships with and acronym HEART.

Humanize your company

Educate about change

Assure stability

Revolutionize offerings

Tackle the future


Heroes of the Pandemic: These Customer Services Stars are Delivering Coronavirus Help

This article from Forbes reminds us that now is the time to provide extra support to our customers.

“In these difficult times, companies and their employees are going the extra mile. They’re adapting to the situation and making the most of this challenging pandemic. One thing is certain: Their customers will never forget their efforts.”  READ MORE

Your customers will remember your efforts during this time long after the crisis has passed.

Please let us know if you have ideas or things you’ve learned during the crisis. We’d love to share them with all our clients.

Please stay safe and well.

Lynn Daniel and the TDG Team

Customer Feedback during the Crisis: More is Better

Customer feedback

Here’s what we are learning about customer feedback during the crisis.  Customer behaviors are changing in the short run and may change permanently. Keep in mind that our work is B2B clients (e.g., Caterpillar dealers, AGCO, Blue Bird Bus, Thomas Bus, among others). A few weeks ago, when the coronavirus threat became more apparent, we changed our surveys. We changed the introduction to acknowledge the danger we all face. We also asked a question about any specific needs or requests the customer had of the dealer or OEM. If the customer had a problem or a need, we tagged the survey, and a notification went to our client.

Three things we are learning from this customer feedback during the crisis:

1. Customer expectations have changed and continue to evolve

Customer changing expectations

Several customers mentioned they wanted quicker and easier parts delivery because they are short-staffed, or they do not want their staff to take unnecessary trips. In some situations, our clients modified their delivery approaches to accommodate customer needs. Online parts buying is becoming more critical. Customers will increasingly expect that parts store to be accurate and easy-to-use. The longer this virus threat is around, the more critical that online presence is.

Virtual buying is becoming the new normal for many things not purchased that way in the past. For example, take buying a car. In a 2018 study by Cox Automotive, 83% of consumers indicated they wanted to do one or more of the car-buying steps online. This virus threat is only likely to speed up the adoption of online car sales. Tesla, Carvana, and others are proving the power of selling cars online. More will follow!



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