The Daniel Group just wrapped up our seventh annual Client Conference last week.  It was an excellent opportunity to connect with clients and share ideas and best practices. 

This year, we wanted to shake things up a bit and the first thing we did was to select a unique and inspiring location.

The James B. Hunt, Jr.  Library at NC State University in Raleigh, NC;  a model of future research libraries, was the perfect backdrop for our conference theme—Reimagining Customer Experience.

We had some truly expert presenters.   

Steve Gilliland, Hall of Fame Speaker, enthusiastically kicked off the conference by reminding everyone of how critical purpose, passion, and pride is to success through humor and personal experiences.  
Fred Parker, WieseUSA, showed how length of time for a repair and Net Promoter Score (NPS) are inversely correlated.  Fred’s work indicates at what point in the repair process that NPS will experience the greatest impact. 
Marty Yuzwa, Ohio Cat, demonstrated a working model that determines what indicators might be present in the transactional data that indicate if a customer is about to defect.
Phil Jones and Anthony Burkes, AGCO Corp., discussed how they are changing their customer feedback program to focus less on the score and more on the customer experience standards and proceses; including conducting the necessary training and other things for improvement.
Chris Norris, Fabick Cat, also showed how they are focusing more on the reasons behind a score.  He demonstrated a useful custom built dashboard for this purpose.
Chris Blaha, Thomas Built Buses, discussed how the ExperienceConnect program is helping Thomas, and their dealers, more effectively manage issues and have more effective discussions with their customers. 
Jon Rossi, MDS. He demonstrated a product that is designed to help companies improve communication between dealers and their customers.
Susan Nutter, Vice Provost and Director of Libraries at NC State, finished up the first day discussing how her team re-imagined what a research library should be and how her team worked to make it a reality.  She also discussed how they are continually looking for ways to improve the library experience and provide a better meet the needs of both students and faculty. 

We also had time to exchange ideas and a held a competition to “reimagine” the customer service experience. 

Thanks to all presenters and conference attendees.  Speaking for The Daniel Group, it was a valuable and enjoyable two days.  We look forward to seeing you at next year’s conference. 

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