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Is Improving Your CX Part of Your Marketing Plan? It must be in 2023!

As you begin thinking about how to make your company grow in 2023, improving your CX should be a cornerstone of your marketing plan. Why? Customers that have great experiences with their providers are very valuable. They spend more! They keep coming back! They are more profitable! In what other ways are these customers valuable to you and critical to your market work? Here are a few:

1. Loyal Customers Actively Refer

Over the years, we have periodically asked customers in our transactional survey process not only their likelihood to recommend (NPS), but also whether they have referred their provider to someone in the last six months (actual behavior). Depending on the market, between 30-40% of respondents indicated they referred. However, 91% of these referrals came from customers who gave a 9 or 10 on the NPS question. Few referrals came from other customers. How do you make the most of these referrals? First, when you get a new customer, make sure you know if they were referred and by whom. This can happen during the account setup process. Second, get the contact information of the person who gave the referral. Third, thank the person who gave the referral. This can come as a phone call or letter. If you have someone with decent handwriting, a handwritten note is extremely in these days of texts and emails. Lastly, track the amount of business you are getting from referrals. You may be quite surprised.

2. Loyal Customers Become Disciples of Your Brand

The best example of this comes from a client that introduced a new ag tractor. Our firm conducts follow-up surveys to determine what farmers think about the new product. One farmer’s comments illustrate how they can become disciples. He told our researcher that he was so impressed with the tractor that he “helped sell it to nine other farmers.” In this situation, the person who raved about the tractor agreed to be interviewed about his experience with his new tractor. This video will prove to be a powerful marketing tool for your website, and other uses as well.

3. Loyal Customers Provide Consulting Help

Loyal customers are more forgiving of mistakes than other customer types (6-7 times more likely to forgive than other customers), which makes them a great audience for trying out new ideas. If you want to share a new marketing idea, present a new product enhancement, or a new service delivery approach, these customers provide a great test bed. They are loyal, they respect your brand, and they want to see you perform better. They know that if you perform better, their lives are made easier.

As you begin planning for 2023, consider how your loyal customers can play a valuable role in your marketing efforts. They are waiting to help!



New Client – Thompson Tractor

We are pleased to announce that Thompson Tractor is now a client of our firm. Thompson, headquartered in Birmingham, AL. It is the full-line Caterpillar dealer for Alabama and northwest Florida and the premier Hyundai forklift dealer for most of Georgia and Central Tennessee. Thompson also provides equipment solutions from other manufacturers for the industrial, construction, material handling and farming industries within our territory.

ExperienceConnect Reports Update

Our clients spend a significant amount of time packaging customer feedback for internal consumption; formatting charts is now one less task they’ll need to perform, giving them time back in their days.

We have recently kicked off a refresh cycle on our standard reports downloads from our web-based client portal into Excel. While we have always provided charts and graphs along with raw survey results, we had opportunities to improve on how they were presented.

Below is an example of our updated standard graphs and data tables with a read-to-publish appearance. We look forward to finishing out this update effort across all our standard reports over the remainder of Q3.

Net Loyalty Score Report
Overall NLS Report
NLS -Field Service Report
NLS -Shop Service Report

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