Unsung Heroes of the Customer Experience: Your Back Office

Customer Experience

Believe it or not, your non-customer facing employees, from Sales, Support to Finance, to Legal, are the foundation on which great customer experiences are built. Yet, too often, organizations don’t realize this, or they forget the importance of the support team until it’s too late and your customers begin leaving for your competitors.

If you work in a sales function, take a moment to read the story below and consider the importance of your support team. If you’re in support, take a moment to pat yourself on the back!


Service Quality and Sales Growth: Another Connection

A recent research project for a client opened our eyes to the impact that high-quality customer service has on growth.  This client has used our ServiceConnect transactional survey process since 2007.  We compared the service growth over a four-year period by individual customer account with the responses from each customer account to the Net Promoter question (willingness to refer).