Do you really know why you lost customers?

Everyone loses customers! It is a fact. Much can be learned from speaking with these customers.

In B2B, knowing why customers left you is critical to business growth. We know that getting new customers can cost at a minimum of five times of keeping a current customer and most companies loose anywhere between ten to twenty percent of their customers every year.
When you lose a customer, you need to know why so you can act. Was it related to your competitors making better offers? Is your product missing new functionality they need? Was is because of product quality? Was their leaving service related? Was it related to pricing?
B2B Lost Customer Feedback

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The Daniel Group’s Lost Customer Feedback can help you answer these questions.

Often former customers are more comfortable sharing their feedback about your company with an unbiased third party. At The Daniel Group, we have 27 years’ experience crafting unbiased questions and improving response rates, while being independent helps us give you a true picture.

We focus on gathering that unique perspective of your former customers to give you the impartial feedback you need to refine your business strategy.

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A proven process

In our experience, the best way to improve usage is to make a process easy. We communicate with your former customers using whichever method they prefer, and integrate our-cloud-based feedback engine with your own systems, making it easy to take action.

Give us a few minutes, and we’ll show you just how easy – and how powerful – lost customer feedback can be.