Get your inbound leads to the right people, right now

Combine the power of lead management software with human insight, to uncover your greatest sales opportunities.

Lead management software is fast and efficient. But, without human review, this software can be short on accuracy when you need it most – handling high-dollar value leads.

Lead Management helps you close more sales by providing an intelligent human review of inbound leads with accurate real-time routing.

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Key Benefits

Human review of inbound inquiries from your website, phone, marketing campaigns and other initiatives.
Leads are then routed to the appropriate recipient within your dealer or distributor network, or the correct corporate department so immediate action can be taken.
Automatic mapping by zip code to the correct dealer or location.
Custom email responses, workflows and dashboard KPIs built with your direct input, so everything looks and reads just the way your company wants it to.
Full integration with LinkConnect, our web-based portal, so you can track and monitor leads as they move through your sales pipeline.
Integrates with your existing systems makes it easier for staff to be comfortable and reduces downtime.
Connection via API to your website, other digital properties, and CRM applications, such as Salesforce or Dynamics.
Lead Management can be used in conjunction with ServiceConnect or as a stand-alone service.

Let our team of dedicated and highly trained analysts manages your leads for you – and free up your team to focus on more strategic initiatives.

You’ll save time, money, and effort – while increasing sales in the long run.