Social media is more of an important marketing element than ever.  Following is an interesting article from INC regarding who and who should not be doing your social media.  While younger employees often understand the ins and outs of modern social media, they may be missing some of the more practical aspects of your business.

Be Sure Your Business Knowledge is Translating on Social Media

There are eleven points the article makes that I find quite useful. What it really emphasizes is that it is important to train young marketers in your expectations and what may be appropriate in your company and in your served markets.  Many of us “more senior managers” may not fully understand the world of social medial.  This is why the training is so critical to making your social medial efforts a true success. Think carefully about blending that youthful exuberance with the business knowledge.  Both are needed.

The importance of social media cannot be underestimated when it comes to telling your customer service story.  Social media can help disseminate examples of great service but it is also a quick way for dissatisfied customers to let many others know very quickly.  I am a great example.  I purchased a product that had more than its share of problems initially.  I thought the dealer was too slow to respond.  I used a Linkedin group to find out what other people were experiencing with this dealer.  A person from the dealership was on the same Linkedin group, saw my post and I got some action.   Social media does matter and it matters more than ever.


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