We are pleased to have Western States as a client.  This dealer provides Caterpillar construction, power systems and truck products and services and agricultural equipment (AGCO) and services to Idaho and portions of four other surrounding states.  They are noted for providing good customer service and are working to make it even better. 

One of the interesting things they have done  over the past few months is to begin an ongoing discussion with employees and with customers about values that are important to their company.  For example, they have revamped their transactional survey to measure not only satisfaction with the service but also to gauge the values that matter most to their customers.  Now, they are beginning a journey to make certain that those values are lived out each and every time a customer has contact with Western States.

My point is illustrated with a new  video  “Quality, Value and Excellence In All We Do!”  This is a strong claim and living up to it will take daily work and effort.  To make it work will require, among other things, employees who are really engaged and truly want to live out these value.

My question is how many of you reading this blog work in companies willing to make this claim?  What do you see as the value of the claim?  What is the downside?

Lynn Daniel

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