Using Real Time Information to Improve Service

Gregory Poole, the Caterpillar Dealer for the Piedmont and Eastern areas of North Carolina, uses the real time information from ServiceConnect to improve their service.

Real-Time Customer Feedback Makes A Difference: Gregory Poole Uses Voice-of-Customer to Improve Service

Customers have great ideas about how to improve your business.  But getting timely and actionable information from them can be a challenge.  In 2005, that’s what motivated Gregory Poole to implement ServiceConnect, The Daniel Group’s service management program.

Gregory Poole is the Caterpillar construction equipment dealer for eastern North Carolina and provides material handling equipment and services for portions of North Carolina, Virginia, and South Carolina.

According to Richard Donnelly, Executive Vice President of Gregory Poole, “One thing that prompted us to implement ServiceConnect was the fact that we could get real-time information.

Cat dealers need to measure customer satisfaction but we found that the approach we had in place was not giving us timely information.   What we needed to assess [about our customers] was what mattered to them when doing business with us.  We also wanted to uncover other opportunities.  You can only uncover these in real-time.”

Richard Donnelly heard about the positive experience a neighboring dealer, Blanchard Machinery Company, was having with ServiceConnect.  “We realized it could help us implement our strategic vision, which is to be

the recognized leader in providing products and services.  The Daniel Group was flexible in developing a game plan, so we could begin to realize this vision.”

Results from ServiceConnect Gregory Poole has seen many improvements since launching ServiceConnect.  From Richard Donnelly’s view, “What we have seen is increased customer satisfaction.

We use the  Net Promoter Score (NPS)  to measure improvement (NPS is a indication of willingness to refer).

This has been extremely beneficial in being able to find out why we might not be meeting expectations. Our NPS increased last year about 8 points.  This performance has told us that customers feel they are getting a good value.”

Now Including Material Handling Gregory Poole added its material handling operations to ServiceConnect.  The company made a major focus on improving the overall completion rate for preventive maintenance (PM) services.  

As Richard Donnelly says, “What’s really nice is the online information and instant, real-time tactical information. We have learned how to change the organizational culture by sharing information with service managers, and using the comparison NPS scores between departments for training and development.

We are improving our service!”

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