As a follow-up to our previous post, Top 5 Things We Wish You Wouldn’t Do When Answering a TDG Customer Service Call, here are the top 5 things you SHOULD do when answering any customer service survey call.

1. Answer the Phone:

I know it can feel like a brief interrogation, it is possibly too time-consuming for a busy schedule (doubt it), or maybe you just don’t feel like answering, but companies appreciate it when you do answer. By answering their questions, your service will get better so don’t skip out, let your voice be heard and answer the phone.

2. Be honest:

If you had a good experience, tell them. If you had a bad experience, tell them. They want to know, so it either does or doesn’t happen again.  Now just because you had a bad experience doesn’t mean take it out on the sweet and innocent interviewers. Just tell them what happened so they can communicate the issue to whoever can work to make it right.

3. Be specific:

Interviewers love when you elaborate.  By telling them specifically what made your service good, bad, or amazing, they can pass those compliments/complaints on to the right people.

4. Be patient:

A few minutes long interview can feel like an eternity especially in the middle of a busy day but please take the time to listen to every question and answer thoughtfully. By taking the time companies can make improvements to the service you have been receiving. They just need a few minutes out of your day.

5. Be polite:

Companies understand that bad days happen; they have them too. But please don’t take it out on the interviewers.  Always remember the golden rule and know that your feedback is crucial to them so they can help to make positive changes for your business.

The biggest thing to remember is that by giving your feedback you are contributing to positive changes when it comes to your service.  By helping interviewers find areas of weakness, strength, and opportunity they can make sure that every experience you have a positive one.

Max Daniel
Business Development Manager

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