Over the past few weeks, I have been hearing stories about some of the most unusual situations that our interviewers have experienced while doing customer service calls for our ServiceConnect program. Some of which the office staff are guilty of themselves. So here is a list of our top five things people do that we wish they didn’t.

1. In the bathroom:

Some of us around the office are guilty of this and I understand the desire to multitask in the workplace especially when it comes to answering a survey. But seriously people, either don’t tell us you are using the facilities or wait to flush and/or wash your hands until we are done with the interview.

2. Out to eat:

Honestly, this one is just rude because I hate when people pick up the phone when I am out with them but talking with your mouth full also makes you hard to understand.

3. While intoxicated:

I enjoy the occasional adult beverage but answering a survey after having one too many is probably not a good thing.  Though slightly entertaining for our interviewers, and most of our “drinkers” were very happy and gave all “10’s,” it is, once again, hard to understand with all the slurring going on.

4.While in remote areas:

This is difficult, and we understand, some people work in difficult areas but if you scream “Alligator!” and hang up the phone, our interviewers tend to worry. It also means the survey was uncompleted.

5.While having/giving a medical procedure:

This one is rare but not unheard of.  Please, people, we can wait! If you are in need of, having, or giving medical attention please do not try and answer the survey for the sake of yourself or whomever you are working on.

I know there are circumstances for every situation and it can be difficult to fit us into a busy work day but please people, for your health and our sanity, try not to do any of these things.  I know this is entertaining but trying to refrain from doing any of the aforementioned things would really help out our interviewers and I know they would truly appreciate it.  Thanks again!

Max Daniel

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