Our team is in the midst of preparing for our annual ServiceConnect Client Conference next week in Nashville, TN.  One of my parts of the agenda is to analyze the performance and try to understand better what the numbers are telling us.  This year I did it a bit differently in that I took a deeper look at the things that most strongly correlate to the Net Promoter Score.  Not surprisingly, I found some things that matter to customers no matter whether you build school buses, service construction equipment, manufacture sophisticated agricultural, or machine tools.  These are the things that create delight with customers. 

Let me share them:

  • Communication from the Manufacturer or Dealer (Someone Cares)
    • Does the product work?
    • Is the customer happy with the service? Product?
  • Knowledge of the Person with Which I Interact (Trust in Individual)
    • Right part?
    • Correct piece of equipment for application?
  • Commitments Are Met (Eliminates Worry)
    • Is the expected price met?
    • Problems handled promptly?

If a customer feels that someone cares, they trust the individual with which they are dealing. When the customer does not have to worry when buying something or getting a product repaired, you then have the makings of a strong, long-lasting, and loyal customer relationship.  What do you think?

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