Happy Valentine’s Day from everyone here at The Daniel Group! We hope everyone has a wonderful day!  We also look forward to seeing many of our clients next week at our third annual conference.

Since it is Valentine’s Day or Single Awareness day (for some) I figured I would try and find some fun facts about the business of this Holiday.

The article I found, called “Valentine’s Day: For Love — And Money,” on Forbes.com written by Steve Cooper, features surveys about Valentine’s Day habits from many different kinds of companies though most focus on B2C, there are some fascinating Valentine’s Day statistics in the article.

Here are some of the facts I found most interesting:

40.7% of people will use their smartphone to shop for gifts.

So what does this mean for shopping? Is this an indication of how online shopping will be in the future? Or is it just the last minute panic mode of a husband or significant other who simply forgot?  I suspect it is the last one.

The average person plans to spend $130.97 on candy, cards, gifts and more.

This number astounds me but it shows the impact on the wallet this holiday has but sheepishly I must admit, I don’t believe I’ve ever spent that much. Sorry ladies!

The longer a couple is married, the least likely they are to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Only 10% of couples married 1-5 years will not celebrate; 12% for those who have been married 6-20 years; and 18% for those married 20+ years.

This fact just kind of saddened me but I guess it makes sense.  I think of it like birthdays, the older you get, the less they seem to matter. Don’t forget to keep the love flowing people!

Flower shops are the most popular spot for last-minute Valentine’s Day shoppers and are busiest around 3:00 pm.

Now you know where not to go today and around what time.  Beat the last minute crowd and go a bit earlier and don’t procrastinate next time.

27% said they attempted to learn a new language to impress someone, 13% said they did learn a new language.

This statistic just made me laugh because I took Spanish for years and could never get it down; maybe love is my great motivator?  Seriously those odds are incredible when compared to how many Spanish classes I’ve taken.

So whether you spend $130.97, are in line at the florist, or are trying to learn French… remember to show your love and appreciation to those around you, especially your significant other.  Or you could end up spending the rest of the year in the dog house.

To find read more of the article discussed follow the link below.


Max Daniel
Business Development


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