I live in Charlotte, NC and am right in the middle of a snow and ice storm that seldom occurs in this part of the world.  While it does disrupt the normal work week it did provide some quiet time at home to work and not be distracted by a phone call or other interruptions.

I spent much of the day preparing for our upcoming client conference that will be held next week in Charleston, SC.  Most all of our clients will be attending and they will be traveling to Charleston from throughout the US and Canada.  As I was preparing one presentation I was struck by one aspect of the research findings we are presenting next week.

Last year we began a research project with the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.  We wanted to see what else we could learn from this massive amount of data we have collected with a variety of business-to-business customers over the past years.  There are many things we are learning but one thing that we have learned already that really stands out is just how important effective communication is to creating a positively memorable service experience.

It is axiomatic that keeping the customer informed and in-the-loop during the service experience matters.  But when viewed from a statistical lens, the impact is powerful.  For example, the better the supplier communication is with the customer the higher the satisfaction even when the price of the repair is quite high.  In fact, the more satisfied a customer is with communication from the supplier the greater their likelihood to refer.

I will be sharing more details about what we are learning from this research effort.  What we have learned so far about the power of effective customer communication in improving the service experience is striking.  It is a message to all service providers to stop and think about just how effective you think your communication with your customers is.  You may want to ask them what they think as well.  It could be interesting what you learn!


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