The Challenge

Bonded Logistics is a well-regarded logistics company based in Charlotte, NC and they are a family business. Their customers are large distributors and manufacturers located throughout the US. The management team’s challenge was to expand the business and broaden their service offerings.

Some History, Bonded Logistics is a family-owned logistics company founded in 1972 by Jim and Robin Carr. In 1998, when The Daniel Group first began working with this client, they were active in the business, along with their son, Scott and daughter, Barbara.

The primary objectives for the initial engagement were to establish a more disciplined planning process to improve decision making and create a successful transition to the next generation, and profitably grow the business.

What has happened since 1998, the company’s revenue has almost doubled and profitability has improved substantially.

The management transition has occurred. Scott is now president and has assembled a strong team of managers capable of leading a business growing in both size and complexity.

A new business operation has been added to Bonded, which has enhanced the services it provides customers and has proven to be a significant new source of revenue.

An advisory board has been created, which meets quarterly to assist the owners with company strategy and direction.  Lynn Daniel of The Daniel Group serves on this board.

According to Scott Carr, President of Bonded Logistics, “Because of The Daniel Group, we are more in control of our business.  We are running the business now instead of the business running us.”

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