I recently read an article about a Schlotzky’s Deli owner who closed his business temporarily for an “attitude adjustment” because the employees were not performing up to snuff when it came to customer service.

Personally I love stories like this. The management recognized customer service issues and took action to solve it. This story shows that any company, no matter the industry, has the potential deliver great customer service.  It starts with frontline employees who serve food or fix a giant piece of equipment.  Besides being well trained on how to prepare the food or fix the equipment they must do it with what I term a pleasant and communicative “bedside manner.” Though you could say this owner took it to the extreme, he is justified in wanting to make sure his customers get consistent, speedy, and polite service every time.

Though a deli is different than what many of our clients deal with, the concept is still the same. Training should always be a key factor in your day-to-day operation especially training for front facing personnel that have a lot of customer interaction.  That well trained employee needs to work in an environment where their best communication skills are allowed to happen.  Well trained employees that work in a great environment are the difference between loyal customers and those who are not.

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Max Daniel

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