Happy Fourth of July from everyone here at The Daniel Group! I know I am a bit early but since everyone is on or starting a vacation in the next day or so, I thought I might as well be.

We often like to talk about experiences that we have had, and I find that I haven’t put much forward about my experiences.  I figured I would share one today because it is almost vacation time and everyone needs a little bit of a break, right?

My tale is probably a familiar one and pertains to a local cable provider.  I have loathed this provider for years but not due to my personal experience but from what I have heard from others.  But that all changed several months ago when I signed up for a full cable package.

The list of issues I have is impressive.  It took them a week to come out to install and activate our cable, they tried to come at 10 o’clock at night to install when my roommates and I were all in bed, they continued to hike up the bill with limited to no notice, the box they installed didn’t work after a couple of days and had to be replaced, and they would not let me downgrade certain parts of our package.

The last one is what bothered me most.  I frequently called about issues, nd I was answered on most occasions until I wanted to downgrade some of our services.  At first, I tried to do it online and they had the option to upgrade but to downgrade you had to call in, even the nifty little chat program wasn’t of help.  I called in and went through the prompts and selected downgrade service, I was put on hold for 15 minutes and then disconnected. I thought it was odd and tried again an hour or so later, almost the exact same thing happened. I tried over the period of a week several times a day to get through and every time the same thing happened. I even had my roommate call and guess what? He got through but because the account wasn’t in his name he couldn’t make changes. I was standing right next to him and they still wouldn’t do it. Was my number flagged as a problem customer and therefore ignored?

No one should treat customers this way.  We stress communication and how important it is to improving the customer relationship.  With this level of disregard for communication I can honestly say that I will go out of my way to go with any other provider.  If you want a lesson in creating lifelong detractors look no further than these guys.  I am looking forward to the day that I can cancel my service.



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