My wife and I like to travel by RV when possible.  It is a great way to see the US and Canada as well as visit clients. Our RV is an Airstream Interstate.  It is a great vehicle but a bit small for extended trips.  We have begun tentatively exploring other options.  We are looking for something a bit larger but not too large.  A bit like the three bears: not too big; not too small; but just the right size.

Our first choice was an RV built by a fabricator in Florida.  It is a bit larger than the one we currently own but still efficient and very maneuverable.  I contacted the salesperson, and I immediately detected an attitude that I would describe as “if you are not ready to buy now, don’t bother me.”  We are not yet ready to buy and may not buy at all, but we are researching.  The attitude of the salesperson turned me off so much that I decided no way, no how would I do business with this company.

In doing more research, I found another company in Willoughby, Ohio by the name of Adventure RV.  It is a startup company with a lot of innovative product features.  Most important, the attitude was totally different.  I received an email from their president and their sales department inviting me to their plant for a visit.  They talked about how they have rethought RVs in a way to make them more efficient and comfortable.  They helped me do my research!

Think about it.  The next time a customer calls, you do not know where they may be in the buying/decision-making process. Most potential customers need to be educated about the product they are searching for.  In this case, Adventure RV was a much better educator than the alternative in Florida.  While I may not ultimately buy from Adventure RV, they helped educate me on the questions to ask.  Who is in the better position to make a sale?  Which company do I think will provide the best customer service after the sale?  What do you think?



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