Companies working to improve customer service pay a lot of attention to the metrics.   It doesn’t matter what metric you use (NPS, Overall Satisfaction, Ease of Use) they get a lot of attention.  Well, they should because metrics provide a way to measure, at least directionally, whether your service is improving, declining or simply holding its own.  Too often, the metrics are only part of the story.  The comments from customers provide details that help improve service.  Let me share a couple of examples.

  • We use the NPS question on all of our surveys.  We have found that approximately 30% of customers who are Promoters (9 or 10 on the scale) express a negative sentiment about the service.  Something was not quite right.
  • We recently did a special project for a client to analyze the customer comments for one of the parts locations (a heavy equipment dealer).  One of the things this sentiment analysis revealed was that the level of service provided by individuals in the department was very irregular.  There were some people who were great at what they did but others customers tried to avoid because of (1) lack of knowledge and (2) not-so-nice attitudes.
  • Also from this project we learned that the high overall ratings they received were supported by customer comments and sentiments.

Without analyzing the customer comments, our client would not have known about the uneven service provided by the parts department.  Though it can be time-consuming, it is worth it to read customer comments.  They provide great clues on ways to improve customer service.

I always welcome your feedback.  Let me know what you are learning on your customer service journey.


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