To Our Valued Clients:

As we affirmed in our Business Continuity Update last week, The Daniel Group remains open to support your critical customer experience feedback programs. With that said, many of you may or already are operating in a very different business environment than even a week ago.

To reflect this new reality, we have a few important points we’d like to share:

1. OBSERVATION: Many Customers Have More Time

Over the past week and into this morning, an increasing number of your customers are on a pause from usual business levels. They now have additional time and inclination to provide feedback. So, this is proving to be a productive time.

However, to be sensitive and supportive to those customers who are experiencing any issues or disruption, we suggest adding an optional temporary message,as covered in point #2, below.

2. ACTION: Survey Introduction –Option to Add a Temporary Message

To show support and sensitivity during this time, we can open our calls to your customers with:

  • A message on your behalf,with verbiage of your choosing. For example, “[Client] remains open to support you, with full details available and updated on[Website]”, and/or
  • A question prior to gathering feedback on the recent transaction, to ask if your customer has any outstanding needs for support or information. We can suggest verbiage, if this is of interest to you.

3. ACTION: TDG Can Do More Than Surveys–Can We Help?

If you need assistance contacting or coordinating with your customers or internal teams for any reason, processing or analyzing data, or any other non-survey related needs at this time, please contact me directly to discuss feasibility and details.

We have a virtual team of 60 well-trained analysts who know your business. They are excellent at customer contact by phone or email. We also have a strong data analytics practice. So, we can help with more than surveys.


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On behalf of The Daniel Group, we wish you, your families, and businesses a safe and healthy path through the upcoming week and beyond. Please contact me directly with any questions or concerns.


Doug Fowler
President & COO
The Daniel Group
[email protected]


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