Every year at our client conference we give out awards.  They focus on the best in divisions, the best overall, the most improvement from the previous year, and a smattering of goofy ones that make our clients laugh.  But we were missing something, the ability for our clients to tell their customers about their improvements.

One of our clients suggested that we create a recognition system that our clients can market to their customers. SO WE ARE!  It will be called the “Excellence in Customer Experience Award”!

The basic premise is this.  There will be 3 categories: Platinum, Gold, and Silver.  Each will correspond with an NPS (Net Promoter Score).   Platinum will mean scores over 90%, Gold will mean scores between 85% and 89%, and Silver will mean scores over 80% but less than 85%.  Our clients will be able to either choose to award individual divisions within their company or the company as a whole or both if they really wanted.

For example, if Company A scores an 87% in company NPS they will achieve a Gold level “Excellence in Customer Experience Award,” if Company A’s Rental Division scores 91% NPS they could market that division as a Platinum level “Excellence in Customer Service Award.”  Ohio CAT is already running their own version of such awards and their PSD Rental Division earned a Gold level “Excellence in Customer Experience Award” this year and they have already started showing it off to their customers!

Depending on the level, our clients will receive a badge citing their excellent service that they can put on their website or print materials.  They can essentially use it however they wish.

The idea behind this new style of awards is to foster positive competition among our clients and to let your customers know what you are doing to create a better customer experience for your customers.

The graphics should be ready shortly and we will be sending out more information to our clients in the coming weeks.    Suggestions and ideas are always welcome so feel free to contact me.


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